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Join the forward-thinking group of businesses who advertise on Advertise to customers when they are browsing a site directly relevant to your business. Prices are realistically based on the number of clicks on your ad. has a strong regular turnover of unique visitors providing a fantastic platform for you to advertise directly to an audience who are interested in the Killin area. Capture their interest, generate a click and convert the visitor into a lead.

We offer the following advert locations on the site:

Clicks Width Height Price
Leaderboard 100 570px 133px  £50.00
Sidebar 100 300px 250px  £40.00
Sidebar Go Large! 100 300px 600px  £50.00
Advertising Terms and Conditions
  • Your advert will be added to the group pool of adverts and displayed in a random order in the specified position until the click count is reached.
  • Adverts are accepted as images and flash animations in the dimensions in the pricing table.
  • Image based adverts should be supplied at double the width and height to allow for high definition display.
  • We can also arrange additional Facebook posts of your content, available on a case by case basis. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Acceptance of adverts is at the discretion of the team who do not accept responsibility for the contents, offers and details of the displayed adverts.
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