MacNab Homecoming

MacNab Homecoming


Wed 6 Aug 2014 - Fri 8 Aug 2014    
All day

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Various events over three days.

Welcome! We are thrilled to announce the 2014 Macnab homecoming. This an event that all persons of Macnab heritage or who have an interest are invited to. The Macnab septs include: Abbot, Abbott, Abbotson, Cleland, Dewar, Gilfillan, Gillan, Maclellan, Macandeoir, and MacNair. The event is scheduled for August 6-8, 2014 in Killin, Perthshire, Scotland; this is the Macnab homeplace. Tours of important sites, a clan parade, and a chance to get to know the clan chief are all scheduled. Please see the official announcement for more details. We are hoping to reconnect all Macnab relatives from around the world at this event. Please share with any family and seriously consider this exceptional opportunity!

Announcement – Clan Macnab Homecoming in Killin, Perthshire, Scotland. August 6-8th 2014. Please email W Lanny Macnab at: if you’re interested in attending. A memorable event for you and your family.
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