Moirlanich Longhouse

This beautifully conserved longhouse and byre in Glen Lochay, near Killin, offers a unique insight into rural life in 19th-century Scotland. Practically unchanged since it was last lived in, this historic cruck-framed cottage still has many of its original features, including a ‘hingin’ lum’ and box beds. Many of the contents of the house are also authentic, and were chosen based on archaeological evidence and the personal recollections of people who knew the Robertson family that lived here for three generations.

As well as the Longhouse itself, you can also see an exhibition in the Display Hut next door that contains examples of clothes found in the house which may have belonged to the Robertsons, some archaeological finds, and information, documents and photographs on the building’s history and restoration.

The building has hardly been changed and retains many of its original features, such as the ‘hingin’ lum’ and box beds. Next door there’s an unusual collection of working clothes and ‘Sunday best’ which were discovered in the longhouse, and an exhibition on the history and restoration of the building.

For more information visit the Moirlanich Longhouse page on the NTS website.

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