St Fillan’s Episcopal Church

St Fillan’s Church was constructed in 1876 by the Earl of Breadalbane as a private chapel for use by shooting parties, giving it the local nickname of the “Grouse Church.” It has been in almost continual use since then. Currently the church has a weekly Episcopal service and a Roman Catholic mass.

It is a corrugated iron church commonly referred to as a “tin tabernacle” and is one of only a dozen listed in Scotland of which only four are in ecclesiastical use. These churches were often bought from specialist manufacturers in kit form and St Fillan’s is an early example, it is unusual as it was not built by one of the many dissenting churches of the period. It is understood to have been extended in 1885 with a much later addition in 1969.

The church was renovated in 2010/2011 when the Vestry of the church applied to the Killin Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme. Extensive and thorough repairs included the corrugated steel roof and cladding, the timber structure, a complete overhaul of the decorative rood elements and timber windows.

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