Killin Community Council Feb 2015

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17 Feb
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7 years ago Killin News

Present: F. Kennedy, T. Frost, P. Farquharson, C. Grant, R. Allner, C. Campbell, , F. Chisholm,

In attendance: A. Fleming (Police Scotland), Councillor F. Wood, O. McKee (LLTNP), E. Murray (Minutes), G. MacKenzie ( and 1 member of the public

This meeting was delayed from the 13th of January 2015 because of bad weather conditions.

Apologies: Y. Gillies, S. Inglis

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
Proposed: P. Farquharson
Seconded: T. Frost
The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
Gordon Watson, who spoke at the last meeting of the Community Council is now the Chief Executive of LLTNP.

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
There have been no developments and this remains ongoing.

Coach Stop
Councillor F. Wood has been in contact with Donna Lawson from Traffic Management, Stirling Council and this matter became a priority for SC as of the 16th of February 2015. It was noted that the Royal Bank of Scotland mobile bank will have to find alternative parking and that when conditions were icy the car park for the John MacPherson flats became dangerous due to its design, leading to residents parking in the coach stop temporarily.

Support for Local Business
Councillor F. Wood has been in contact with Brian Roberts of Stirling Council who has discussed this with Nicola Paterson and Alan Ogilvie. SC would need to meet with the community to decide a parking strategy – if the land is no longer required for parking it could potentially be sold.

  1. Wood provided a copy of Stirling Council staff and their positions.

Old Youth Hostel site
Traffic management continues to be a problem due to the number of vehicles parked, without suitable gaps to allow vehicles to pull in and the proximity to the corner. A. Fleming spoke to the Site Manager, advising the need for some traffic management, clearer signage and the leaving suitable gaps between vehicles. The Police will continue to monitor the site.

Bridge repairs
These will be referred to SC in the new financial year.

Speed Restrictions
There was no update on the draft proposal for the extension of the 40mph zone on the A827 Lochay Bridge.

The Contactors plan to start work on the 20th of February 2015.

This is now co-ordinated centrally by Stirling Council, who can be contacted between 9am and 3pm. Councillor F. Wood suggested the Community Council ensures SC understands the difficulties experienced by local people.

Hospital transport
The Scottish Ambulance Service provides Patient Transport and information on eligibility and the number to call is available from

  1. Chisholm advertised for local volunteers to provide such a service but had only 2 offers of help. The WRVS also tried to set up a local service but it will cost £75 for someone to come from Stirling.

People are encouraged to feedback through Bruce Crawford and the Patient Participation Group.

Post Office
This is now up and running with improved opening hours. MacGregor’s Market were congratulated by the Community Council.

Doctor’s Surgery
A newsletter from the Surgery was distributed through the Killin News. F. Chisholm attended the Patient Participation Group but more people are needed in this group. Training for First Aid and use of a Defibrillator will be organised locally. There was no update on the Public Access Defibrillator.

Flower Beds
This will be discussed at the next meeting. The new Acting Headteacher at Killin and Crianlarich Primary Schools has arranged for the school children to care for two flower tubs in Killin. 

Road Repairs
A substantial pothole has developed around the drain outside the bank entrance.

McLaren Hall car park

  1. Kennedy has asked the Trustees to contact Stirling Council. 

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park sign
This sign is cemented in place and will be removed.

It was suggested that in future the trees that are already there are decorated with lights instead of a Christmas Tree. This will be considered at a later meeting.

The lantern procession was successful and Alma Walker and all involved were congratulated by the Community Council.

No applications have been received by the Community Council. It was confirmed that the Biomass Project application has been renewed.


  • Planning Democracy: The People’s Perspective is in Glasgow on the 25th of April 2015
  • NHS Community Health News
  • Rural Matters
  • Stirling Council Community Council Connect Fund – passed to P. Farquharson
  • Stirling Council Stirling Community Health Partnership: Public Partnership Forum is on the 25th of February 2015
  • Stirling Community Planning: Tackling Poverty and Inequalities Group – passed to G. Mackenzie to publicise for members through the website.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report

  • licensed premises were visited throughout the Festive period with no issues reported
  • an arrest was made in Strathyre for assault and dangerous driving
  • there were two incidents of domestic assault with offenders being kept in custody in Stirling Police Station cells.
  • Police are carrying out winter safety checks on vehicles
  • speeding remains a focus
  • a motorcycle pillion passenger suffered serious injuries at Lix Toll junction due to icy conditions
  • the new drink driving limit came into effect
  • the Village Shop at Lochearnhead was broken into and property stolen
  • Police are tracing a driver of a silver Ford which made off from police in Lochearnhead
  • a stolen car from Plean was traced to St. Fillans
  • There was a break-in at an isolated house but nothing was reported missing
  • There was a break-in at Stitt’s builders yard
  • Police officers will be on patrol in Killin particularly around the school start and finish times
  • Killin Mountain Rescue team assisted when a woman suffering from dementia was reported missing in Callander.

The police report will be moved higher up the agenda, after Apologies.

A letter has been received by the Community Council on the continuing problem with dog fouling and this letter was passed to A. Fleming.

It was suggested that photographers of owners and their dogs caught in the act could be published on the website or in the Killin News.

The lack of gritting on some rural roads was also discussed. There had been an accident on the Ardeonig road and there was no road closure sign further down the road to alert drivers.

All Community Councils are being invited to meet with the Forth Valley Police Division Senior Management Team.


Loch Tay Internet Project

  1. Frost will write a letter of support for this project from the Community Council. G. Mackenzie will publicise it on the website to see if anyone else is interested.

  1. MacKenzie was congratulated on the website

EV Charging Point
This has been installed through a Government Scheme and once connected it will be open to all and free to use.

Stirling Council Budgets
Stirling Council will meet to finalise the budget on Thursday 19th of February 2015.

  1. Player has now retired from Stirling Council and has not yet been replaced.

Everyone was thanked for their efforts and the meeting was closed.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th of March 2015 at Killin Primary School.

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