Community Council notes July 2012

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11 Aug
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Tuesday 10th July 2012 at 7.30pm in the Church Community Rooms.

PRESENT :- F.Kennedy, A.Dowling, C.Grant, G.Aitken, P.Farquarson, S.Inglis, S. Christie, G.Bickerton
IN ATTENDANCE :- D.Petrie (Minutes), Cllr F.Wood, O.McKee, A.Fleming, J.Stewart, K.Riddell.

The meeting was opened, all were welcomed on a night with poor weather conditions and
apologies were passed.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved by C Grant and seconded by A Dowling.


Biomass There has been no further meetings.

Roads It was expressed that the contractor had made a good job of the resurfacing of Main Street. Road lines have been amended at the Co-op but there had been no response about the rest.

Play park SC are going to study what needs done shortly. There are safety issues about suitable goalposts. AB Services cannot make them due to SC policy. It was said that the existing posts were adequate and just needed refurbishment. Any money from SC would be for goalposts and not any other use. There is two sources of funding, SC and Rural

Housing Gordon Aitken will look at the existing goalposts. Alan Petrie of SC takes bookings for the park. It was said that other parks should be looked at for examples of what would be needed and appropriate. G Bickerton asked if the Killin Show would be going ahead in the park, S Christie said yes, as there are no beast issues as there was at other venues.

Breadalbane Forum Strathfillan will not take over the Breadalbane Forum.

Cemetery There has been two complaints about the state of the cemetery. The cut grass was not removed but left lying and areas where the grass has been shaved to the earth. G Bickerton asked how long it was between cuts, and said the frequency of cuts should be increased. Cllr Wood will write regarding the mess.

Signage to Pipeline On going

Turning Circle The area is a mess, with weeds overgrowing at the toilets. The Floral Society will ask SC to dig out. W & G Angus have done a course for treating knotweed. The area opposite Stitt’s yard should have been phase 2 of the car park. Kerbs need repair work.

Phone Box Still no satisfaction in getting a door for the phone box. Tim will contact BT about timing for new door.

There are no planning issues.


A cardboard recycling service will be available, info to follow. Rural Stirling Housing Policy is available for reading. The CCTV at the pond would monitor any flooding. Explore Aberfeldy Group want SC ‘decision making’ structure available. Community Health News from NHS Forth Valley Rural Matters is available. AGM minutes for Stirling Carers available.


Topics discussed:
A Sign for the Folklore Centre at the bridge has been removed. The thrift shop is now open with the council backing the scheme. Feasibility will be ascertained as to the mill being presented to the community permanently.

Parking in coach area at Monemore. Residents at Monemore have no allocated space and have no more right to park than anyone else. The question was raised as to whether parking in the coach area is actually against the law. Cllr Wood will take up the question.

Moira Meek is a surviving member of the Fingal Stone society, and has asked KAT if they can take over some responsibility for the stone. Moira can give up any available existing funds to KAT. Gillian Ford of the Heritage Society has expressed they would like to enhance the stone.

Old Costcutter site. Ground work has started and tenants will be kept informed of ongoing events. There was a complaint regarding the position of the safety fencing and the lack of a pavement. It was said that there has in fact never been a pavement, and perhaps the contractor’s signs should indicate the use of the opposite pavement. Eventually there will be a pavement on that side and a new access to Mill House.

G Aitken spoke about his concern regarding flooding, due to the ditch at the rear of his property, not being cleaned out. C Grant stated that he does not have any responsibility for this outside November to April. Gordon said the agreement when the new houses were built was to keep the ditch clear. O McKee to take up the matter.

The appearance of the main street was not good with the Craigard Hotel closed and the Tighnabruaich Hotel was worse. Work on converting the Tighna to flats was due in the

MacGregors/ Websters IT café and tourist info is reported to be awaiting internal work. A SC deep clean of the village was very successful, removing 9 tonnes of rubbish.

Dochart Bridge parapet needs attention and repair work. Like for like would not require planning consent.

The bank ATM had been targeted with a quite sophisticated skimming device. The bank is reimbursing customers for any losses due to cloned cards.

Aberfoyle Coaches were no longer operating, leaving uncertainty about what will be happening in the future. First Coaches will pick up on the school service.
Fiona thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting was closed.
The next meeting is on 11th September 2012 at 7.30pm in the school.

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