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20 Jul
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9 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Present: Fiona Kennedy (chair), T. Frost, P. Farquharson, C. Grant, G. Bickerton, S. Inglis
In attendance: E. Murray (Minute Secretary), O. McKee (National Park), W. Angus (KAT),  Councillor A. Hayes and 2 members of the public.
Apologies: G. Aitken

Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were circulated, read and approved – proposed by C. Grant and seconded by S. Inglis.

Matters Arising:

Glenoglehead Development – T. Frost and F. Kennedy have received a letter from MP Anne McGuire outlining her actions. T. Frost to follow up with e‐mail if no further response soon.

Proposed Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park sign at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel – Greg Deacon is the current landowner, having purchased it from Judge Stroyan and can provide documentation to establish this if required. O.McKee will follow this up.

Pharmacy – the date for the appeal has been put back but not specified as yet.

Falls of Dochart Bridge parapet – waiting for a date for Stitt’s to undertake the full repair. Stirling Council will provide the traffic management

Public toilets –KAT is undertaking a feasibility study on public toilets in Killin at the moment, considering all the options and the potential health hazard of not providing public toilets. Stirling Council have stated they will close the toilets and they have approached local businesses regarding the Comfort Partnership scheme – this scheme offers funding between £500 and £2,500 for businesses who make their toilets open to the public. There is some funding available from the National Park to upgrade public toilets but this would not cover the ongoing costs. The National Park does charge the public for using toilets but Stirling Council have stated that they could not do this.

Potholes –S. Inglis did meet with the Roads Department and some potholes have been filled. Gordon Crosbie has replaced Gordon McLaughlin at the Roads Department. Craignavie Road will not be repaired until the timber extraction is complete. G. Bickerton has observed articulated lorries, as well as lorries with trailers, being used for this extraction, despite the specification only including
lorries with trailers. T. Frost to check specifications.

Run down appearance of the village – the floral displays are out and benches have been painted and fixed.

Flower beds –the Floral Association has done these. Stirling Council should have prepared the overgrown areas, such as at the turning circle but have only cut back the vegetation. Fiona Kennedy
will check what has been done.

Aberfeldy Cinema – There was no take up for the Community Bus, so this service has now stopped.

Biomass – ongoing.

Street lights – the only work outstanding is the lights outside the Co‐op and this appears to be about to start.

Puddle at the Wee Bakeshop – no progress.

Breadalbane Forum – Paul Hicks from Balquhidder is attending the Broadband Advisory Group. The Stirling Local Transport Strategy has issued a Draft Towns, Villages and Rural Areas Transport Plan for 2013/14 – 2016 for consultation. Councillor A. Hayes strongly recommended a response given the recent cuts to the bus services.

Mitchell’s have been awarded the school transport contract as all seats on their buses are fitted with seat belts.

Scottish Water – this work is now complete.

Community Council Elections – Everyone to remember that nominations to be submitted by the 25th of October 2013.

Public Safety Panel – ongoing

Overgrown bushes at Stitt’s –F. Kennedy has raised this.

Traffic Speed on Lyon Road area –F. Kennedy has contacted Stirling Council Roads Manager Brian Roberts and Stuart Geddes. Councillor A. Hayes will follow up.

Coach Stop – this is now with Stirling Council’s Legal Department

Double Yellow Lines – Councillor M. Earl has asked for photographs of the previous lines at Myrtle Grove as there does not seem to have been a record of double yellow lines there before.
Planning: no items

Notification has been received from the police regarding the Highland Games, the Agricultural Show and the 10k race. The library has only received and displayed two of these – the third will be
displayed soon.

Stirling Homeless Partnership – an article has been submitted to the Killin News.

Stirling Council Funding – grants are available for growing edible borders, planting fruit trees and encouraging wild flowers. The information will be passed to the Floral Association and the Primary School.

Stirling Council – a new Complaints leaflet is available at the library.

Stirling Council Archives – copies of old minutes for the Community Council are available from the archives.

Community Health News is available to read.

Police Scotland – a review of Traffic Warden provision throughout Scotland is underway and the Community Council will be kept informed.

Taking Community Planning Forward – there will be a new date for this meeting some time in August.

C. Grant met with Davidson’s to discuss their Pharmacy application. It is their view that NHS Forth Valley are looking to provide private Dispensaries as opposed to Dispensing Surgeries and so the licence application could have come from any interested business. Their planned timescale is to open in April 2014 and to provide a full‐time Pharmacist for 5.5 days per week, with the possibility of a late‐night opening.

Glenogle Closure – follow the recent closure of the road for many hours it was proposed that the Resilience Plan could be amended to include measures to ensure the school children could be brought home in reasonable time. The police investigation could also be speeded up by having the appropriate equipment available sooner. Provision also needs to be made to ensure “Road Closed” signs are displayed at Lix Toll, Callander and any other relevant sites and that all local radio stations are informed.

Resurfacing ‐ D. Petrie raised the negative impact of this on local businesses and residents and stated that the road should not be closed during the day. F. Kennedy and P. Farquharson acknowledged the difficulties this created but only became aware of the proposed closure on the 24th May – and earlier notification had been sent out by e‐mail but not received, no hard copy was issued. They did attend a meeting with Stirling Council to ask for other options to be considered but were unsuccessful. The system of passing on the information regarding the dates of proposed closures was insufficient and Councillor A. Hayes has raised a motion to improve the level of consultation with rural communities and the length of notice provided to Community Councils. Councillor A. Hayes has written to Stirling Council to pass on local opinions regarding the closure and the impact it had. C. Grant stated that the efforts of Killin Community Council were not acknowledged and that all residents of Killin are able to contact Stirling Council individually.

E.Murray to provide the library with a copy of the agenda for the Community Council meetings one week in advance and this will be displayed in the library to encourage people to attend.

Youth Group – Killin Community Council had offered £100 to Killin Youth Club for an outing but has now received a bill for £400 from the Community Bus. F. Kennedy, C.Grant, and P. Farquharson to follow up.
There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.30 pm.
The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 10th September at Killin Primary School, 7.30 pm.

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