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8 Jul
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8 years ago Killin News

Notes from the meeting of Killin Community Council on 8th July 2014.

David Hopper was in attendance to discuss fly tipping in the Station Road Car Park and the opening arrangements of the Callander Recycling Centre. David noted that he had visited the car park and had found it to be very tidy. The Killin Community Council (CC) noted that this was mainly due to Dr David Syme spending his own time over the course of the week clearing the pile that had built up. Hopper noted that it was mainly commercial waste being dumped, for which there is a £40,000 fine. Hopper suggested removing the bottle banks, which CC were adamantly against. The CC noted that the dumping is a direct result of the skip being removed from Killin. Hopper said that this was outwith SC control and due to SEPA finding asbestos dumped there and forcing the skip to be removed. Hopper noted that it costs more to distribute and collect recycling bins from outlying rural areas or roads and Stirling Council (SC) therefore do not do. When layby bins were discussed, it was noted that the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (NP) and SC were working together on placing recycle bins at strategic points around the area. SC could not affored to extend Callander Recycling Centre opening hours. SC ran a survey over summer 2013 asking those attending the skip if they were happy with the opening hours. CC noted that they asked those visiting the centre during the opening hours and not those who may not be able to visit during those hours.

Special little trolleys for moving recycling boxes are being trialled in Fallin and Thornhill.

No progress had been made on reduced speed limits in Ballechroisk.

SC has still not adopted the Monemore coach stop as such. Until this is done and it has been yellow lined the police have no powers to move parked cars on.

Bear have removed most vehicles from being parked in the Station Road Car Park. CC do not want to give Bear a reason to move so will monitor the situation for the foreseeable future.

The name ‘Lochay Road’ has been formally adopted for the road running past the old Hostel.

The police have received complaints again regarding dog mess. The SC Dog Warden attended Killin recently. They tagged pavements with warning signs in the worst areas that seem to have had an effect. The warden will return every few weeks to monitor the situation. The library also stock a supply of ‘poop-scoops’. Dog bins around the Manse/Craignavie Road area are to be requested.

Regarding there being a lack of support for local small businesses, Fergus Wood noted that there is now a Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce along with STEP. The CC clarified that it was more support for expanding local businesses into baron land owned by SC. Wood will follow this up. It was noted NP were also unhelpful in this situation, recently causing a local business to perform a noise survey in an area which has Bear working most hours of the day with heavy industrial machinery alongside Stitt’s builders yard. The local business in question is now looking to relocate to another location away from Killin, potentially a loss of local employment opportunities. NP clarified that this was outwith their control and was down to health and safety.

The Bridge of Lochay will not be repaird in this financial year. The Dochart Bridge had again been hit recently and should be repaired soon. It was noted that the SC bridge maintenance budget had been reduced by £77,000 this year.

Speed checks had been carried out in the Gray Street /Dochart Road area which found no speeding to be taking place.

Parking for those working at the old hostel has been move off road. While this has helped the new parking area is not big enough for all vehicles and results in some still parking on the main road.

The police maintain a presence at the Primary School area within the 20mph zone. They have also been patrolling the main road from Killin to Callander.

Extending the 30mph zone to the Bridge of Lochay will not happen. Moving the 40mph zone to the north side of the Golf Course entrance could happen when funds are available, this will not be in 2014/15.

South Loch Tay road will be closed for road repairs in October 2014. The area being repaired runs from Fiddlers Bay to Donald Hancocks. Craignavie Road repairs are planned for 29th September – 10th October 2014. This will be entirely dependant on how much funds are left from preceding repairs. If funding is available, the area to be repaired will run from the Old Smiddy to Dalerb. Road works may finish early if the weather is favourable.

The £10,000 KAT toilet feasibility study has been completed. It suggests that the best position for public toilets is in the car park between the Capercaillie and John MacPherson Court.

Work will begin on phase one of the Breadalbane Park upgrades  on 1st September 2014.

The owner of the land on which the Stewart Memorial stands was discussed with no firm conclusion. It was believed to be either the Church or Killin Hotel.

Demand Responsive Transport will be looked at every six months. This service is not a hospital car service.

Members of the public raised the issue of not being allowed a hospital car service. They were told to ‘take the bus’ if they could walk. This is being controlled by the ambulance service from Queensferry. Hospital car drivers are only paid their petrol costs. Recently an ambulance containing one driver and two paramedics had been sent to collect a member of the public for a premed appointment which should have been covered by a hospital car.  The CC recommended this to be raised directly with Bruce Crawford MSP at his next surgery in Killin on Wednesday 23rd July from 1-2pm in the McLaren Hall.

It was suggested that the new development at the Bridge of Lochay were not the same as the final plans passed by NP. NP are to send a compliance office to check.

The Church charity box had been broken into recently with donations being stolen. A&B Services also suffered a break in. The police have increased the patrols of the Main Street as well as Loch Tay-side.

The recent death of a 29 year-old male on Loch Tay was brought up. The two males had been on Loch Tay without appropriate basic safety precautions such as life jackets. The police reported that despite the unfortunate outcome, the local communities pulled together to help with the search and the local fire service were relentless in their line of duty.

The local development plan has been postponed until September.

It was noted that although being a success, the Armed Forces day organised by SC had run at a heavy loss.

An angling festival will be run by SC from 6th-10th August 2014.

Cut grass in Breadalbane Park which is left by the grass cutters is beginning to smell like silage. This is due to the number of cuts being down this year and the grass therefor being longer.

NP are looking for suggestions for a site to build a threshold sign to the North end of the village.

The land beside the ambulance station, John MacPherson Court and trees opposite the ambulance station are overgrown.  The overgrown scrub at the Dochart Bridge is in hand and should be dealt with shortly.

A charger for electric cars had been placed in the car park beside John MacPherson Court in the area proposed for a new public toilet block.

The mobile Post Office will stop visiting Killin from mid July. The Killin Hotel will house the Post Office until MacGregor’s Market is ready to take over. A local person is currently being trained for this job.

The local doctors surgery may have started closing for lunch. An invite is to be sent to the Doctor to attend the next CC meeting to discuss ongoing changes and current setup.

The flowerbeds at the Station Road Car Park are still not being maintained. CC to follow up.

The next Killin Community Council meeting will be on 8th September 2014, planned to be held in the Killin Primary School.

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