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Held on Tuesday 11th March 2014 in Killin Primary School

Present: Fiona Kennedy, Tim Frost, Stewart Inglis, Cheryl Campbell, Pamela Farquharson, Ron Allner, Charles Grant, Charles Kemp, Fran Chisholm, Yvonne Gillies, Louise Campbell
In Attendance: Suzanne Player, Stirling Council Rural Development Worker (Minutes) Councillor Alycia Hayes Owen McKee, LLT National Park Authority Board PC Andy Fleming Police Scotland and 3 members of the public

As the newly elected Chairperson, Fiona Kennedy welcomed all to the new Killin Community Council.

It was agreed to discuss some items of business.

Five Lochs Management Group
– TF unable to attend next meeting on 1st April. C Campbell to attend in his place.

– Brief background information to this group given. A 5 Lochs Management Plan has been developed with the aim of providing visitor facilities that will help manage problems in the 5 lochs area. (Lubnaig, Earn, Voil, Venachar and Achray).

– The part of the Management plan that is within Killin CC area is the proposed development at the top of Glen Ogle.

– There was discussion about the knock on effect that restricting access to other lochs was having through displacement of people to other areas, including Loch Tay.

– C Campbell is the local representative on the Stirling Access Forum which is addressing issues at the head of the Loch and Glen Lochay.

Action: C Campbell to attend 5 lochs meeting on 1st April.

Surgery and Pharmacy
– There was discussion about changes at the Surgery which have resulted in difficulties for some people.

– A query was raised about whether there is a minimum standard of service that surgeries are required to provide.

– There were also some issues raised that involved the new pharmacy and availability of some prescribed medication.

– It was felt that rumour and speculation were not helping the situation and that the CC needs to meet with the Surgery to ascertain the facts.
Action: F Kennedy to contact Strathfillan about meeting with the Surgery Practice Manager.
Cllr Hayes also to arrange a meeting with the Practice Manager.
Cllr Hayes to research any minimum standard requirements.

Traffic Calming measures in Ballechroisk and Ardeonaig Road
– Slow down signs had been requested. Progress not known.

– Part of Ardeonaig Road has not been resurfaced.

– Cllrl Hayes said that the Programme of roadworks meeting with community reps still has to be scheduled. These works to be raised by CC reps if not included.
Action: F Kennedy to check with Cllr Earl re Ballechroisk signs.

Police Report
PC Fleming reported a quiet time in the area but there have been garden sheds broken into with theft of power tools etc. Please can people be aware of this.

Demand Responsive Transport
Although no cuts to services had been included in the budget, savings still have to be made. Stirling Council has produced a consultation document giving options for changing the way that DRT is delivered in Killin and between Killin and Strathfillan. Suzanne distributed copies of the document to all CC members. These changes are intended to still meet local need but be provided in a more cost effective way. A meeting is proposed between CC reps, Stirling Council and 24/7 Taxis, the current DRT operrator,to discuss the options and how Killin might best be served. This meeting to be held on Monday 31st March – venue to be confirmed. Killin Community Bus reps also to be invited to attend. A copy of the consultation document is in the Library.
Action: CC members to let Suzanne or Fiona know if they wish to attend meeting.

Paths and Pothole

Suzanne had been asked about maintenance of Fingal Rd path through the park. Responsibility for maintenance is being explored with hope that path will be assessed and any necessary repairs carried out in the near future. Deep pothole in pavement outside A&B Services causing problems.

Action: Cllr Hayes to ask for pothole to be fixed asap.
Other CC Business

– Ron Allner is a Director of KAT and agreed to be the CC representative.

– The CC operates with 3 named members forming an executive committee who can make decisions if urgency dictates. :It was agreed that F Kennedy, C Grant and L Campbell would form this group.

– F Kennedy collected CC member phone numbers for contact outwith meetings.

– Breadalbane CC Forum is a meeting of BLS, Strathfillan and Killin CC members which meets to discuss and address issues of common interest. It was agreed that F Kennedy and T Frost would continue to represent Killin but that new CC members were welcome to attend to understand the role of the group and perhaps become involved at a later date. There will be a meeting of the Forum in April when the structure and objectives of the group will be discussed.

– Frequency of meetings has been 2 monthly. CC members to think about whether they want to alter this.

– Accounts to 31.3.13 were presented and approved. Prop: C Grant 2nd C Campbell

– Killin CC receives an annual admin grant for expenses and payment to employ a minute secretary.

– It was noted that the CC still needs to pay the park electricity. The Agricultural Show contributes to this cost.

– The Christmas tree had kindly been donated and the electricity from the tin church paid from the fireworks fund.

– Stirling Community Health Partnership Public Partnership forum being held on Weds 26th March 7pm – 9pm in the Lecture Theatre, Stirling Community Hospital.
Action: Suzanne will inform all CC members of the date of the next Breadalbane CC Forum.

Suzanne will send in accounts which will trigger payment of this year’s admin grant.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th May at 7.30pm in the Primary School.

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