Community Council notes May 2012

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11 Jun
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Tuesday 8th May 2012 at 7.30pm in Killin Primary School

PRESENT :- F. Kennedy, T. Frost, A. Dowling, C. Grant, G. Aitken, Pam Farquarson.
IN ATTENDANCE :- D. Petrie (Minutes), O. McKee, S. Inglis, I. Frickleton, C. McLarty.
APOLOGIES :- G. Bickerton, G. Farmer.

The meeting was opened, all were welcomed and apologies were passed.

It was announced that Martin Earl, Alicia Hayes and Fergus Woods had been elected at the recent elections. Fiona mentioned that there were no counsellors present but they were sorting rotas and there should be a presence in the future.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by C Grant and seconded by T Frost.
Biomass Gordon and Anthony will inform of any progress. The plan is to continue ahead. There are still no concrete ideas for heat source usage. Some larger sites plans have been scrapped as they required the importing of timber from outside their area.

Roads The road resurfacing will run from the 21st May 2012. Main Street will be done between Craignavie Road and McLaren Hall. The crossing will be done later. A different contractor will be used this time and they are considered to be better. Tim mentioned about the Ardeonaig road having been put off again and again. Glen Ogle will be shutting 3 times at night, through the summer, for emergency repairs, with probable shuttles every 2 hours.

Play park There are 2 grants for goalposts from SC and Rural Housing. Alma Walker has funding for other aspects of the park. There is a possibility that there will be no Killin Show in the park. Using other local fields presents a problem of having livestock restrictions prior to the event. There was conflicting ideas on who was now responsible for taking park bookings for events. CC pay for the electricity at events.

Breadalbane Forum The next meeting of the Breadalbane Community Forum is on
28th May 2012.

Cemetery The bothy/mortuary has been removed and left at an acceptable standard. SC say the stand pipe should be replaced with some kind of rain harvester with a tap which would be eco-friendly and cost effective. Vandalism has increased their expenditure, though this is not the case in Killin. Signage to Pipeline On going

Turning Circle SC are happy to hand over maintenance to the Killin Floral Society with a map outlining the areas.

Phone Box Still no satisfaction in getting a door for the phone box. Tim can try the people who deal with pavement issues for a possible direct number in BT to establish a straight line of communication.
There are no planning issues.


The provost’s civic awards nominations have to be submitted by the 15th June 2012.

There are various categories. Fiona expressed that the Youth Group were worthy of a nomination for their efforts in the village. Fiona and Pamela will discuss the nomination. The exhibition, Soul of Stirling Hearts is on the 23rd May 2012, 7.30-9.30pm, the CC have 2 invitation tickets. The CC has received the Labour Party 2012 manifesto. During discussion it was said that Operation Ironworks was functioning well. It was also indicated that Fiona will have keys for the mill in case of any call outs in Charlie Grant’s absence.

Signs for the Folklore Centre are still in place and should be covered / removed or replaced with more appropriate signage. The council are to empty the bin at the Mill.

Fiona was invited to a meeting at Holyrood and attended with David Bright of SC. It proved to be an interesting day and she acquired business cards from various sources.

An irate bus driver raised the question of people parking in the allocated bus park at Monemore. Iona said that perhaps an informal word from the police may address the problem.

It was common opinion that a story / info board for Fingal’s stone would enhance the experience of viewing – at present it is just stone with very little attraction. A grant may be
possible from the National Park.
Fiona thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting was closed.

The next meeting is on 10th July 2012 at 7.30pm in the Church Community Rooms.

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