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11 May
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9 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 14th of May 2013

Present: Fiona Kennedy (chair), C. Grant, G. Bickerton, S. Inglis, G. Aitken, A. Dowling, P. Farquharson,
In attendance: E. Murray (Minute Secretary), I. Frickleton, O. McKee, Councillor M. Earl (arrived at 7.40 pm), and 5 members of the public.
Apologies: T. Frost, S. Player and S. Christie

E. Murray was welcomed as the new Minute Secretary.

Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were circulated, read and approved – proposed by C. Grant and seconded by P. Farquharson.

Matters Arising:

Glenoglehead Development – T. Frost and F. Kennedy met with MP Anne McGuire to discuss this and Anne McGuire will raise the concerns discussed with Fiona Logan (Chief Executive of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority).

Pharmacy – T. Frost received a letter confirming the approval on the 23rd of April 2013. An appeal has been submitted.

Falls of Dochart Bridge parapet – Stirling Council have undertaken a temporary repair with the intention of a full repair in lime and mortar once the weather improves.

Public toilets – no update.

Potholes – the potholes above the Golf Course had been filled in but have re‐opened and are reported to be just as deep as before. M. Earl stressed the need to ensure a job number is issued to any reports to Stirling Council. There are other potholes around Killin, including a large one on Manse Road. M. Earl will request the Roads Department tour round Killin to see what work is required. S. Inglis will direct them to the appropriate places.

Run down appearance of the village – no update.

Flower beds – the beds at the bottom of the village have been dug over and the Floral Association has agreed what work they will do with Stirling Council.

Breadalbane Park – C. Grant confirmed that the old goal posts have been removed.

Aberfeldy Cinema – The Community Bus now provides a weekly service to the cinema.

Biomass – this is still waiting on funding.

Street lights – there has been work carried out on the lights at the falls and the Capercaillie.

Puddle at the Wee Bakeshop – the toby cover has sunk on either side. This is outside the door and allows water to flow in to the Bakeshop. This will be raised with Scottish Water. There are also large puddles at either end of the black bridge. M. Earl did contact Gordon McLaughlin, Roads Officer,regarding the road drainage gullies near the cemetery. Gordon McLaughlin reported that these had not sunk enough to warrant repair.

Breadalbane Forum – a Broadband Advisory Group is being established to advise Stirling Council. F. Kennedy has forwarded a request for local members to M. Lincoln.

Killin Conservation Area – there is no grant at the moment.

Roadside Sign at Lix Toll – this has been repaired.

Adult Literacy – no update.

Manhole cover at Ballechroisk – this has been repaired.

Proposed Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park sign at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel – O. McKee fed back that the land in question belonged to Stirling Council but this was disputed by C. Grant. O. McKee to investigate and evidence who the landowner is.
Scottish Water – the plans for improving the water supply at the River Dochart have been displayed.


Community Council Elections – the timetable has been issued. Nominations to be submitted by the 25th of October 2013.

Community Partnership – Celebrating Park People and Stories is a joint conference being held on the 8th of June at a cost of £10 per person. Information will be displayed in the library.

Public Safety Panel – M. Earl has been appointed convener of this Committee which consists of one member for each Ward. Its role will be to scrutinise both the Police and the Fire Service. Serious concerns were raised about the new crewing levels for Fire Stations and a number of local Fire Fighters and I. Frickleton agreed to discuss their concerns further with M. Earl following the meeting.

Overgrown bushes – the bushes by the road at Stitt’s require cutting back. F. Kennedy will raise this.

Traffic Speed on Lyon Road area – it was proposed that the area including Lyon Road, Lyon Cottages, Ballechroisk, and The Old Mart be reduced to a 20mph zone. The traffic in this area has increased, as has the number of young children living and playing here. There is also no stop sign at the end of the one‐way street. F. Kennedy will raise this with Stirling Council Roads Manager Brian Roberts and with Stuart Geddes.

Coach Stop – Fergus Wood has asked Stirling Council to adopt the coach parking area as a “Bus Only Stance” which would enable the police to enforce coach and bus parking only. This would mean a daytime ban on cars between 8am and 6pm.

Ardeonaig road – the trees here were cut back by Stirling Council as this is an official Cycle Route. This does not apply to roads around Boreland and the Golf Course.

Tyndrum Gold Mine – this is on hold because of the current price of gold.

Double Yellow Lines – The double yellow lines around Myrtle Grove need to be re‐instated as they were before, particularly if more cars will be parked in this area if the Pharmacy opens. M. Earl to raise this.

There being no further business, all attendees were thanked and wished a safe journey home. The meeting was closed at 9.00 pm.
The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 9th of July at the Church Community Rooms, 7.30 pm.

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