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18 Nov
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8 years ago Killin News

Present: F. Kennedy, T. Frost, P. Farquharson, C. Grant, Ron Allner, C. Campbell, L. Campbell, F. Chisholm, S. Inglis, C. Kemp,

In attendance: Gordon Watson (LLTNP), Councillor M. Earl, O. McKee (LLTNP), E. Murray (Minutes) and 5 members of the public

Apologies: Y. Gillies,

Alan Hewitt
Alan Hewitt was a previous member of the Killin Community Council and the current members were sorry to hear he has passed away.

Gordon Watson, Director of Operations, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
LLTNP is currently conducting a consultation until Monday 12 January 2015.

LLTNP’s most accessible lochshores are suffering from overuse and the irresponsible behaviour of some. This includes irresponsible camping and misuse of laybys including long-term encampments during the summer months.

Through ‘Your Park’, the National Park aims to provide opportunities for people to camp on lochshores in well maintained sites, which have facilities such as fire pits and composting toilets and where visitor numbers can be managed. Similar problems were tackled on East Loch Lomond using a package of measures. LLTNP has recorded the outcomes from this, such as the amount and location of camping and litter throughout the park and its edges and reviewed the impact which was very positive. There were concerns that the measures taken on East Loch Lomond would lead to a displacement of the problems to other area of the park and its edges but this did not happen and LLTNP does not anticipate that it will happen if these further measures are introduced. Around Loch Earn they are hoping to provide sites for caravans and mobile homes and camping permits that would be purchased alongside fishing permits. Both Stirling Council and Perth and Kinross Council are engaged in the consultation and the Community Council asked for potential impacts on Loch Tay to be discussed. Councillor M. Earl suggested the Community Council contact Bob Ellis of Perth and Kinross Council regarding this and F. Kennedy suggested LLTNP speak directly to the local Angling Society.

Everyone is encouraged to feedback to LLTNP with any particular problems they have encountered relating to this and respond to the consultation questions about proposed investment in camping facilities and the proposed byelaws to tackle the volume of camping and problems such as cutting down trees and leaving human waste.

LLTNP is also looking for people with land who would be interested in becoming involved in any campsite development, which they would be able to advise on.

Gordon Watson can be contacted directly on 01389 722603,


Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
Proposed: C. Grant
Seconded: S. Inglis

The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising

Bottle bank/recycling area
This is much improved. F. Kennedy and R. Allner will continue to check on the state of the recycling area.

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
Councillor M. Earl will continue to follow up on this. Brian Roberts has changed jobs and the relevant person is now Nicole Paterson.

There are no white lines at the end of the one-way street at Lyon Cottages and a there is a problem with the signage.

  1. Earl will pass on an up to date list of Stirling Council staff to the Community Council.

Coach Stop

Support for Local Business
  1. Frost will contact Councillor F. Wood for an update on this. It could be possible to transfer the land ownership to KAT.

Bridge of Lochay
The existing sign has been put back in position.

Falls of Dochart Bridge
Work is unlikely to proceed now until the spring.

Speed Restrictions

Planned Road Closures
These were not completed and the ditches on the South Loch Tay road were not touched at all. Where re-surfacing was done on the South Loch Tay Road there are now blocked drains. Mark Beaumont (KAT) has been in touch with the Roads Department at Stirling Council.

Work on the Breadalbane Park has not started. The estimate provided for the work on by the Architect and Quantity Surveyor engaged fell far short of the tenders received and it has been proposed that the drainage work goes ahead without the hard standing. F. Kennedy will contact W. Angus to arrange a meeting of the Community Council with the KAT Directors. KAT will be providing an update in the next Killin News.

The estimate provided for the work on by the Architect and Quantity Surveyor engaged fell far short of the tenders received and it has been proposed that the drainage work goes ahead without the hard standing.


Hospital transport
There is a named contact at Forth Valley Health Board who has responsibility for co-ordinating all providers of hospital transport. F. Kennedy will contact Bruce Crawford to get the name of this person.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
Negotiations for a suitable site for a sign are underway with the Killin Golf Club.

Post Office
This continues to be open 2 afternoons per week.

Doctor’s Surgery

  1. Campbell received no reply from the Surgery. Patient Participation meets in December and will include a representative of Forth Valley Health Board. T. Frost will feedback to the Community Council.

Flower Beds

  1. Kennedy contacted Marion Macrae regarding this. The Floral Association needs the beds to be lower maintenance, for example by asphalting them and putting in hay ricks or tubs. M. Earl will pursue this with Stirling Council.

Road Repairs

  1. Kennedy passed on the list of work required to Peter Turner and it will be done when it is affordable. 

McLaren Hall car park

  1. Kennedy will ask the Trustees to contact Stirling Council.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park sign
This has been passed on to the LLTNP Ranger Service.

Transport to College
A report will be coming out in January. Forth Valley College may be able to assist students by subsidising travel costs. A formalised lift sharing system was recommended by M. Earl.

Cabin at the Falls of Dochart – passed
Bio-mass heat boiler at Acharn – agreed

The Community Council were consulted on the proposal by Stirling Council to provide solar panels on houses at Monemore and were in agreement with the proposal. LLTNP are against the proposal due to the visual impact.


  • Community Council Conversation – C. Grant will attend on the 13.12.14
  • Killin Santa Dash – holding a public procession on the 13.12.14
  • Stirling Local Development Plan Review – F. Kennedy and T. Frost have read this.
  • LLTNP Live Park Progress on Local Development Plans – comments are requested
  • Five Lochs Meeting – C. Campbell will attend on 03.12.14
  • Community Council Event at the Smith – 27.12.14, all invited
  • Royal Voluntary Service Scotland – looking for local volunteers to support older people. The information will be displayed in the library.
  • Stirling Community Health Partnership Public Partnership Forum – 19.11.2014
  • Review of Strategic Engagement – passed to F. Kennedy
  • Rural Stirling Housing Association Annual Report received
  • A85 Trunk Road (Lochearnhead to Lix Toll) 50mph speed limit order 2014 – responses are requested

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report

  • A search warrant was executed for a house in Killin following several complaints
  • Mr Boyle from Environmental Services attended Killin following complaints about dog fouling but no issues were noted on that day
  • Traffic speed continues to be monitored using hand held Radar
  • Staff at the Highland Park development have been spoken to regarding the number of parked vehicles on the road.
  • A number of thefts have been reported from properties and businesses. Fuel tanks are a target. Padlocks and lighting are recommended, as are sensors which alert your mobile or email if fuel suddenly decreases.
  • A shed was broken into in Inverarnan and alloy wheels and tyres were stolen.
  • Police Officers continue to patrol the village, particularly around the school at the start and finish of the Primary School day and are willing to stop and chat.
  • The Trossachs and Teith Community page of the Police Scotland website is now up to date and contains important contact information.
  • Mountain Rescue training continues throughout the coming months but with few incidents. It is anticipated these will increase in the winter months and this will impact on Police resources.

The Community Council will request patrols early in the morning in specific areas where dog fouling is a repeated problem. A repeat of the pavement stencil will also be requested from the Dog Warden. There have been a number of complaints about the parking at the Highland Park development.


Christmas tree

  1. Grant will speak to A. Dowling about the tree; P. Farquharson will speak to D. McRobbie about the lights; F. Kennedy will speak to Stitt’s about putting the tree up and Stitt’s have the lights.

Killin cannot put Christmas lights on the lampposts as the posts are not strong enough.

Public Access Defibrillator
The Community Choir recently raised funds for a Public Access Defibrillator and Frances Morrison will be in touch with the Community Council regarding this. Funding is also available for this from the British Heart Foundation and the Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Trust and training will be provided free of charge form local paramedics. The Falls of Dochart Retirement Home has been identified as a suitable location and a separate electricity supply can be installed by D. McRobbie.

Hogmanay Celebrations
It was proposed to hold a lantern making workshop for children on the 20th December which would lead to a lantern walk on Hogmanay to begin the celebrations. This was agreed by the Community Council. C. Grant will pursue funding for this.

It was noted that while Stirling Council have provided funding to Stirling Castle for their Hogmanay celebrations, no funding is available to local communities.

Stirling Council Budget Proposals
The proposed budget is not ready but once prepared it will be available at the library and on Stirling Council’s website. Everyone is encouraged to comment and ensure they receive a reply.

Everyone was thanked for their efforts and the meeting was closed.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 13th of January 2015 at Killin Primary School.

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