Community Council notes September 2012

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11 Oct
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Tuesday 11th September 2012 at 7.30pm in Killin Primary School.
PRESENT :- F.Kennedy, A.Dowling, C.Grant, G.Aitken, P.Farquarson, S.Inglis, G.Bickerton, T.Frost
IN ATTENDANCE :- D.Petrie (Minutes), Cllr A.Hayes, O.McKee, A.Fleming, J.Stewart, S.Player, C.McLarty, H.Anderson, C.Allen.

The meeting was opened and all were welcomed. FK introduced Cllr Alicia Hayes and junior council members Harvey Anderson and Catherine Allen. No apologies were passed.The minutes of the last meeting were approved by C Grant and seconded by P Farquarson.

Biomass There has been no further meetings.

Roads The Dochart Bridge is to be closed from Sunday 23rd to Friday28th Sep between the hours of 8pm and 5am, for resurfacing and parapet work. Posters are due to go up giving details. It was felt that 10pm would be a better time for closure. The Ardeonaig road to be closed Mon 17th to Fri 21st Sep between the hours of 9 to 11am then 12 noon to 2.30pm for resurfacing work. It was voiced that Craignavie road was in very bad condition and required attention. The bake shop has a complaint regarding a large puddle of water that accumulates at the door of the shop. Cllr Hayes to investigate re Craignavie and bake shop.

Play park FK said there had been a good meeting with SP and Council. The drainage is to be assessed. Consultants, who are landscapers, will be coming on 20th Sep for a meeting. FK and TF were encouraged by the consultants’ knowledge of what is required. GB and GA both spoke about the water coming from the top area and digging holes at lower level is a waste of resources. GA stressed the need for the top section to be done first. It was common opinion that higher levels should be the priority. SP will find out who is coming on the 20th. Cllr Hayes to be in the loop of emails. Council process means a consultation document will be produced. Goalposts of a type specified by SC are required to comply with safety standards and for insurance purposes. SP knows what goals are required and with KCC backing will make an application for more money as original cash sums are insufficient.

Breadalbane Forum A rep for the Credit Union attended the last meeting and spoke about merging Stirling CU’s together. Rural Stirling is very interested in dealing with the CU as charges are lower than customers paying through normal banks.

Strathfillan CC £10K for local work initiative was offered to Strathfillan CC at a meeting. The three area CC’s agree that they should work and act together and that any money should be used jointly. There has been no further movement on this, as there is no clear picture of what is wanted or needed.

Cemetery The plinth is in for the water butt. SC workload and holidays are delaying the installation. Bases are being done for headstones. There is a problem with missing railings and fencing.

Signage to Pipeline On going

Turning Circle Weeds have been cut. Kerbs are back and bollards in. SC still to dig out, Killin floral society will not be planting till next year.

Phone Box The door is back on. An opinion was expressed that it was a shame the door and the box are not a colour match.

CCTV The picture taken to monitor any flooding is taken at 9.15am. It was thought that it would be better taken earlier, possibly around 6 – 7am.

There is an application for a shed workshop for Campbell at Acharn. Application papers are too late. OMcK said KCC 2 monthly meetings do not allow proper time for consultation and a phone call should be made re getting an extension.


FK said the Provost Award nominations time limit had been extended and Killin Youth Group have been nominated. Rural Housing AGM is on 19/9/12 7pm at the Roman Camp Hotel, Callander. Applications for community grants, with regards to KCC and KAT, there is only 1 per community. Other correspondence available – see TF.

Topics discussed
Bank lunchtime closures are dependent on staff numbers in the bank.

There has been a report that police night hours might be cut.

There were no problems to report arising from the Strathfillan CC meeting.

If Japanese Knotwood is seen, it should be notified to the Park, if in the Park.

The coach area at Monemore has not been adopted as a coach park by SC.

GA will speak to Gillian Ford of the Heritage Society with regard to Fingal’s Stone.

Old Costcutter site. There has been an absence of workers at the site. Contaminated soil samples have been found and there will be site meetings to decide the way forward. There has been no word of any possible jobs at the site as yet, though the contractor would take on local workers.

With regard to the ditch at the rear of G Aitken’s property, contractors have been told not to put grass cutting there. It was expressed that the manhole grid was not fit for purpose and needed redesigned. A kids shoe and jacket had been found in the ditch and was a major concern as a possible cause of a blockage to create flooding. Neither Stirling Council, nor Rural Stirling, accept they are responsible. GA spoke quite strongly about the fact that there has been no reply from Cllr Wood, regarding the cleaning of the drainage ditch, since the last meeting. There should be a local contractor strimming the ditch, but it not being done. Les Goodfellow (SC) who deals with work orders may know who the contractor is or should be.

First Coaches are now operating the school bus run.

TF spoke about the brown and grey bin uplift being combined. Cllr Hayes to ask about council rationale.

Stirling Council is looking towards closing the public toilets, and is seeking two local businesses to work as partners in providing village toilet facilities. The toilets would need to have disabled facilities. Concerns were raised about this practice and the possibility of any closures during the winter period and any agreements that are in place, should there be any change of ownership.
Fiona thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting was closed.
The next meeting is on 13th November 2012 at 7.30pm in the school.

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