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18 Sep
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9 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 10th September 2013
Present: Fiona Kennedy, T. Frost,  C. Grant, , S. Inglis, G. Aitken, A. Dowling, P. Farquharson,
In attendance: E. Murray, S. Player,  Councillor A. Hayes and 2 members of the public.
Apologies: S. Christie, G. Bickerton
Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were circulated, read and approved – proposed by C. Grant and seconded by T.Frost.
Matters Arising:

Glenoglehead Development – T. Frost and F. Kennedy received a letter from Anne McGuire,MP. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park are proceeding with the development and have apologised for not informing the Community Council correctly about the plans.

Pharmacy – T. Frost received a letter from NHS Forth Valley, dated 3rd of September, stating that the appeal has failed.

Falls of Dochart Bridge repairs – No date has been provided yet for the full repair in lime and mortar.

Public toilets – no update.

Potholes – No further progress on this. Councillor A. Hayes will report to Stirling Council.

Appearance of the village – The flower beds and benches have improved the overall appearance of the village but the bottom car park requires work. The Floral Society have reported that Stirling Council have not been keeping to their side of the agreement made. Councillor Hayes has received a letter, dated 15th August, outlining work that would be done, but this has not happened.

Biomass – ongoing.

Street lights – A new pole has been installed at the bottom of Manse Road, but not connected. Street lights at Ballechroisk have been on all day.

Puddle at the Wee Bakeshop – There has been no progress and Councillor A. Hayes will now pursue the matter.

Breadalbane Forum – T. Frost and A. Player have attended. There has been no progress with Strathfillan.  The cut to the bus subsidy was discussed and the possibility of establishing a Credit Union locally with support from Stirling Credit Union.DRT is being looked at and there is a commitment to maintain this and perhaps even extend it.

BEAR were present and assured everyone that the service they provide will improve on Transerve.

BEAR, Stirling Council and the police are in discussion about the recent road closure at Glenogle and signs will now be kept at Callander, rather than Stirling and the contingency plans for the school will be reviewed.

The Broadband Group is ongoing and Balquidder are pursuing a number of options.Community Council Elections ‐ S. Player will ensure posters and application packs are available at the library.

Publication of the notice of Election:   Wed 2nd October &  Friday 4th October
Nominations to be submitted by : Friday 25th October (4pm)
Nominations to be withdrawn by: Friday 25th October (5pm)
Publication of Notice of Poll:    Wed 30th October & Friday 1st November
Issue of Ballot Papers:     From Monday 4th November
Ballot papers to be returned by: Friday 22nd November (5pm)

Overgrown trees at Stitt’s yard ‐ Councillor A.Hayes will pursue this.

Ambulance Depot ‐ Bruce Crawford has confirmed that we still have a Rapid Response Unit in Killin.

Traffic Speed on Lyon Road area ‐ Brian Roberts has responded and this will go into next year’s budget.

Coach Stop ‐ ongoing

Double Yellow Lines at Myrtle Grove ‐ there will be no further progress on this.

Highland Games ‐ it was reported that once parking was filled in the field, there were a number of vehicles driving down towards the surgery causing traffic problems. A traffic warden was on duty and people were stationed in the field to assist but further assistance was required.

Taking Community Planning Forward ‐ this is on the 5th of October from 10am ‐ 2.30 pm and will discuss Community Engagement and the Single Outcome Agreement. F. Kennedy will attend and anyone else intending to should let her know.

Youth Group ‐ the bill for the Community Bus is now settled and the Community Council have offered the group £100 for a future trip.

Proposal to erect a house at Killin Lodges ‐ C.grant received a copy of the proposal but no drawings have been provided. C. Grant has requested a copy and was told these were available online. He again asked for a paper copy and has so far received no further reply. C.Grant has raised this with Councillor A.Hayes.

Application to demolish the Church Hall ‐ no comments


Stirling Community Health Partnership ‐ Public Partnership Forum ‐ Hate Crime/Hate Incident Reporting. Wednesday 18th of September, 6.30 ‐ 9.00 pm (creche provided)

Stirling Rural Housing Association AGM ‐ Wednesday 18th September, C.Grant will attend.

Draft Towns, Villages and Rural Areas Transport Plan for 2013/14 ‐ 2016 ‐ T. Frost will respond

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Community Grant Scheme ‐ passed to KAT

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Built Heritage Repair Grant ‐ Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park has launched a pilot scheme to help repair and restore traditional buildings across theNational Park. The Built Heritage Repair Grant focuses on buildings pre‐dating 1914 and located along main routes through the National Park and its towns and villages.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs ‐ proposals for Clearways ‐ T. Frost will reply

Stirling Council Formal Consultation on the Gambling Act 2005 ‐ C. Grant will respond.

Stirling Rural Housing Association ‐ have provided a map of land ownership for Fingal Road ‐ passed to P. Farquharson

Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service ‐ The Community Council will nominate the management committee for the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home.

Chairman’s Evening of the Stirling Smith Trustees ‐ Thursday 2nd October

Waste Collection and Processing ‐ Councillor A.Hayes has visited the site at Polmaise and was vey impressed and has sent a letter to each Community Council recommending a site visit. The brown bin collection will be stopped on the 20th September, but no cardboard recycling boxes have arrived in Killin. Stirling Council will provide a two‐week extension to try to clear the backlog following Industrial Action. Free garden compost bins are on offer from Stirling Council. Stirling Council have stated that grey bins can be used until brown boxes arrive. The opening hours at the Callander Recycling Depot were set in response to a questionnaire and a follow up questionnaire is due soon. S.Player will ensure this is circulated widely. K. Riddell contacted Stirling Council following the last Industrial Action when brown bins were not collected and was informed that posters should have been displayed. A. Hayes will pass on concerns and discontent raised.

Local burglaries ‐ to be discussed when police in attendance.

Trees on Glenogle ‐ these were to be cut back. This will be passed to Kevin Campbell.

Ardeonig Road ‐ Boulders have been placed in the gateway to Harbour Lights, restricting room for passing vehicles. Stirling Councils have provided reflectors but this has restricted space even further. Councillor A. Hayes to pursue.

Road level ‐ the road level is lower following the re‐tarring and is causing difficulty for wheelchair users and others. This wll be passed to Stirling Council.
There being no further business, all attendees were thanked and wished a safe journey home. The meeting was closed at 9.00 pm.
The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 12th of November at Killin Primary School, 7.30 pm.

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