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18 Sep
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8 years ago Killin News

Tuesday 9th of September 2014

Present: F. Kennedy, C. Grant, Ron Allner, C. Campbell, L. Campbell, F. Chisholm, S. Inglis
In attendance: O. McKee (LLTNP), I. Frickleton (Police Scotland) and 2 members of the public
Apologies: T. Frost, P. Farquharson, Y. Gillies, C. Kemp, Councillor A. Hayes, S. Player
Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
Proposed : C. Grant
Seconded: C. Campbell
The minutes were approved.
Matters Arising

Bottle bank/recycling area
F. Kennedy and R. Allner continue to check on the state of the recycling area and reported less problems. One piece of litter was found with a name printed on it and this information was passed to Stirling Council who are following it up. A further 3 large boxes were found and Stirling Council is pursuing this with the companies who sent them to determine the recipient. F. Kennedy and R. Allner will continue their regular checks on the area and tidy it up as necessary. Dr David Syme continues his own regular check-up of the area and carries out much of the tidying up. The
Community Council recorded their thanks to David Syme for his efforts. BEAR Scotland’s CCTV is now working and does extend far enough. C. Grant will contact the Manager of the site.

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
Councillor M. Earl has been in contact with Brian Roberts of Stirling Council regarding this. Stirling Council will consider what remains in this year’s budget and then look at progressing this.

Coach Stop
This will be adopted by Stirling Council but the legal process will take 3-4 months further.

Dog Fouling
This problem continues to be seen. F. Kennedy will contact the dog warden again and ask M. Earl about obtaining a post with a plate detailing fines and a bag dispenser.

Support for Local Business
Councillor F. Wood pursued the issue of the unused area of Council land but has not received a response yet.

Bridge of Lochay
It has been confirmed that Stirling Council will replace the existing warning sign.

The Dochart Bridge has been hit again and a stone has been dislodged. F. Kennedy to remind Stirling Council to attend to this. It was thought that a post should be considered at that corner to protect it. F. Kennedy will also contact Stirling Council regarding a warning for pedestrians to remain aware of vehicles crossing the bridge.

Speed Restrictions
A draft proposal for the extension of the 40mph zone on the A827 Lochay Bridge will be produced by Stirling Council for next financial year and will include a review of signage. The Police have continued to monitor Dochart Road and Gray Street and no speeding has been detected.

Planned Road Closures
The Craignavie Road closure will be advertised in the Stirling Observer next week
and the South Loch Tay road closure will be advertised in October.

Work on the park begins on the 27th of September 2014.

The Abernethy Trust have been in contact with the Community Council and D. Brown as the DRT times do not enable their staff to connect with buses and trains and their comments have been taken on board. The new timetable will be out in time for October.

Hospital transport
This has all been passed to Bruce Crawford MSP and his team will pursue the

Grass Cutting
This issue will be re-visited once the work has been completed in the park. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

There has been no progress yet on finding a suitable site for a LLTNP sign.

McPherson Court
It was reported that the contractor’s were given 7 days to rectify over 200 faults. F. Kennedy will contact Councillor M. Earl for an update on this.

Post Office
This is now located on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons within MacGregor’s Market until full opening later in the year.

Doctor’s Surgery
An update was received from the Surgery Manager and L. Campbell has invited one of the Doctor’s to attend the November Community Council meeting.

Flower Beds
F. Kennedy will contact Marion Macrae.


There were no new items to discuss however plans submitted by the Old Mill were sent to the wrong Community Council and it may be that this has happened on other
occasions. O. McKee will follow this up.

Dochart Forest Killin – information was sent on the scoping process for management of the forest by John Searl Forestry, including felling plans.

Stirling Community Health Partnership – Public Partnership meeting is on the 24th of September. C. Grant will attend.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report

– Operation Ironworks continues

– Disorder has been reported outside the Capercaillie at weekends. Incidents can be reported by calling 101.

– Officers were deployed during the music festival and one assault was reported

– Complaints of litter at the head of the loch

– Local roads have been busy during the summer with a number of vehicle collisions

– There has been a break in at Stitts Builders yard and an attempt at the Hydro Sub Station in Glen Lochay. There was also a BT cable theft on the northside of Loch Tay and a suspect has been arrested.

– Police Officers continue to patrol the village and are willing to stop and chat.

– The Trossachs and Teith Community page of the Police Scotland website contains important contact information.

– There has been one mountain rescue incident near Crianlarich

Road Repairs
F. Kennedy collated a list of work that needs to be done and will pass this along to Stirling Council. S. Inglis has spoken with Jim MacGregor of the Roads Department regarding the state of Fingal Wynd and is now awaiting a reply.

McLaren Hall car park
There are a number of pot holes in the car park and F. Kennedy will raise this with Stirling Council urging it to be repaired before work begins on the park.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park sign
The signpost to the head of the loch needs re-aligned. O. McKee will follow this up.

Transport to College
F. Kennedy will contact Councillor M. Earl for an update on this.

Problems with neighbours
I. Frickleton would urge anyone experiencing anti-social behaviour like this to ‘phone the Police. Such calls can be made anonymously.

Business waste uplifts
Waste such as cardboard that is too big for the bins has been seen left behind on pavements after collection. F. Kennedy will pass this on to D. Hopper.
Everyone was thanked for their efforts and the meeting was closed.
Date of next meeting: Tuesday 11th of November 2014 at Killin Primary School.

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