Dog fouling targeted

Published on
26 May
Updated 27/11/17 at 12:03
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8 years ago Killin News

Dog mess has long been an unwelcome daily issue to be dealt with in most people’s lives, whether they are dog lovers or not. For one reason or another, some dog owners fail to clean up after their dog and choose to leave the mess behind most notably in public areas where adults and children walk. This habit of a select few dog owners also unfairly tarnishes the reputation of all other dog lovers with the same brush.

The issue of dog fouling around Killin was again raised by the Community Council who are aiming to tackle this head on. As well as highlighting the fines involved for the offence, Stirling Council are to raise awareness of how to report those who are to blame. The Community Council will also be highlighting the issue in the local press. A dog warden will also be visiting the area more often.

More and more locals are carrying spare bags and when seeing someone ignoring their dog’s mess, will hand them a bag, embarrassing the offenders and hopefully making them think twice when it happens again. This proactive step by the public is welcomed by anyone who has been a victim of dog fouling.

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