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20 Jan
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Minutes of the Bimonthly meeting
Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Present: R. Allner, C. Campbell, P. Farquharson, T. Frost, F. Kennedy, G. Mackenzie

In attendance: Councillor A Hayes, B. Ronald (LLTNP), Colin McKerracher and Lorna Deans (Police Scotland), E. Murray (Minutes), and 2 members of the public.


  1. Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Apologies: F. Chisholm, C. Kemp, S. Inglis,

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:
Anti-social behaviour

  • A report was made of noise disturbance at a house in Fingal Road.
  • There have been 2 incidents of domestic assault.
  • There have been a number of incidents on the railway involving drunken passengers.

Road safety

  • There have been 5 reported Road Traffic Collisions, one of which was serious.
  • Severe flooding caused considerable problems on the roads and to shops in Aberfoyle.
  • Motorists ignoring Road Closed signs cause further problems and may incur a Fixed Penalty.


  • There have been 2 incidents of theft; scrap metal was taken from Stitt’s yard and a trailer from Dalmally.

Community Engagement and reassurance

  • School term has started and extra attention will be paid to the Main Road during the start and finish of the school day.
  • Owners of property and vehicles are reminded to secure them and be vigilant. Smartwater packs are still available.


  • The Climate March and Santa Dash went ahead without incident.
  • There were two sudden deaths and a local man from Killin was found deceased in the River Lochay. Condolences were extended to all friends and family.

The state of the road over Glen Ogle was raised – the culverts need cleared and there are deep potholes holding water all leading to icy conditions. There is also water running across the road washing any grit away. Police Scotland were asked to raise this with BEAR Scotland. Councillor A. Hayes will pursue this.

Following on from the lengthy closures on Glen Ogle it had been agreed that BEAR Scotland would put out boxes in strategic locations with various signs so that clearer information could be provided in the event of a serious accident. Councillor A. Hayes and PC McKerracher will pursue this.

Councillor A. Hayes updated the Community Council that plans were in process to improve drainage but that this is a major project that will take time. There will be 1,000 sandbags at Fire Stations for public use in the event of future flooding.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: T. Frost
Seconded: P. Farquharson
The minutes were approved.

  1. Ronald was introduced and welcomed as the new Board member for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park representing Ward 2 Breadalbane and the Trossachs.

Matters Arising:

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
Double yellow lines will be installed where the bin lorry had difficulty gaining access. The reduction of the speed limit is ongoing.

Dochart Bridge
There has been no progress in improving sight lines or road markings on the Dochart Bridge or re-instating road markings at the Bridge End, Lix Toll or the Ardeonig Road. If vegetation is not cut back by a land owner, Stirling Council will do it. It is not necessary for trees to be felled, but foliage and scrub vegetation needs to be cut back. 

A survey of local people’s views will be conducted soon as part of the process of applying for a grant to refurbish the Old Mill.

KAT is meeting with the company who carried out the work on the Breadalbane Park to discuss ongoing problems.

Lamp Posts

  1. Frost has received information from Stirling Council about the process of providing Christmas Lights for lamp posts and he will pass this on to L. Campbell.

Invasive Species

  1. Frost has dealt with this.

A report is being drawn up, collating all comments and complaints regarding DRT and this will be presented to a Stirling Council Committee Meeting. Local Councillors continue to oppose the reduction in service and continue to lobby for extended booking. 

The Killin Music Festival
This will be held in the McLaren Hall with tickets available online and in the Paper Shop. There will be no campsite this year. The Community Council congratulated all involved.

Lantern Workshop and Parade
This event was successful but the application to the Community Grant Scheme only provided about a third of the costs applied for. Some local funding will be needed in the future.

50mph limit on Glen Ogle

  1. Frost received an email from Stirling Council stating that the signs were sufficient as they conform to regulations.

Christmas Tree and Lights
The tree was donated by Tilhill Forestry and thanks were extended to Stitt’s and S. Forster. Electricity costs have not been paid to the Church for some time and it was agreed to make a one-off payment of £120 to cover 2013 – 2015.

Community Conversations
This meeting was well attended and many concerns were raised about Stirling Council’s budgeting plans. Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement further cuts will have to be implemented and there is therefore a new raft of proposals which the public will be consulted on.

Scottish Water
Bruce Crawford is pursuing the reduction in water pressure.

Stirling Council Community Engagement team
A new post of Community Liaison Officer employed by Stirling Council has been created and is due to start in February 2016. No-one was aware of this post being advertised and Councillor A. Hayes will investigate the process.

There were no planning issues.  B. Ronald will pursue the lack of notification coming to the Community Council.


  • The pre-construction phase of the Acharn Biomass plant will begin in the next few months. The Community Council will be kept informed and a meeting will be scheduled soon.
  • Morenish Farm Woodland Creation. Plans for planting Sitka and Norway Spruce have been received from Tilhill Forestry. A letter has also been received from Environmental Action Killin raising concerns about the impact of this both to the environment and to the landscape. T. Frost will invite Bruce Spalding of Tilhill Forestry to the next Community Council meeting and of course any member of the community is welcome to attend and contribute to this meeting.

Killin Community Council Accounts for 2014 – 2015

  1. Farquharson presented the audited accounts for this period.

Proposed by G. Mackenzie, Seconded by R. Allner.

The accounts were approved by the Community Council. H. Geddes to be emailed to confirm there are no vacancies on the Committee and that the services of a paid minute-taker were used for 6 meetings between January and December 2015.

The electricity costs for the park will be discussed with C. Grant as this is provided for events such as the Highland Games and the Agricultural Show.

  1. Ronald raised the option of further funding being provided by the LLTNP Community Grant Scheme.


Ardeonig Road
The French drains, culverts and passing places are all blocked. T. Frost has informed Stirling Council and Councillor A. Hayes will pursue.

Hogmanay Fireworks
Councillor A. Hayes will investigate if funding is available for this now that the Stirling Fireworks have ceased.

Flooding at the Bank of Scotland
This was a problem with the drain here again. It was noted that maintenance was not being carried out.

Fibre Broadband
The date for this being installed has now slipped back to Spring, yet this is a vital service for many local businesses. Councillor A. Hayes will send information from the Broadband Advisory Group to G. Mackenzie and pursue an invitation for him to the group.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8th of March 2016, 19.30 at Killin Primary School

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