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13 Nov
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6 years ago Killin News

Minutes of the meeting of the Killin Community Council held on Tuesday 10th of January 2017 in Killin Primary School @ 7.30pm

R. Allner, P. Farquharson, F. Kennedy, C. Kemp, T. Frost, G. Mackenzie, B. Ronald

In attendance:
Councillor A. Hayes, T. Elliot (Community Liaison Officer, SC), A. Hill (Minutes), Andrew Vince (Acharn Biomass Plant), C. Worling (biomass project manager) and 1 members of the public.

T.Frost welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

C. Campbell, F. Kennedy, S. Inglis, C. Grant

Acharn Biomass Plant
Andrew Vince (Clean Energy Ventures Operations Management LTD) provided an update on the power plant. Interface meetings are scheduled to fall in line with KCC meetings. Everything remains on schedule and they are currently recruiting Operation & maintenance staff. Mechanical & Electrical contracts to be in place by May 2017, fully operational by August 2017. Plant will be live as of 5th June 2017.

The above ground parts are arriving from Germany on large, unescorted trucks – this will not impact village traffic. Exact dates to be verified. A deer fence has been agreed along the Rob Roy Way east of Easter Lix to existing deer fence. As soon as cabling and pipes are done footpath will be reinstated. Native trees will be replanted around site – this will be shown in a presentation forwarded possibly to C. Kemp. It has been suggested that the excess heat be used for a green house project should suitable land be found. KAT will look at this on behalf of the community.

Andrew Vince had concerns regarding pedestrian safety as it is a well-used path. Measures remain in place to safeguard anyone using said path. He will come back to the Community Council in March to provide an update on progress and discuss the possibility of visiting the plant in May 2017.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:

Anti-social behaviour

  • An elderly occupants of 1 Fingal Road contacted police in relation to a disturbance at a neighbouring property on the early hours of 26/11/2016. Same elderly occupants found all 4 his tyres deliberately punctured outside his home on the 14/12/2016. Police are requesting anyone with information to come forward.
  • Occupant from Ballechroisk Court also discovered his tyre had been punctured on 16/12/2016
  • Further enquiries revealed a number of antisocial instance of threatening conduct, 1 male was interviewed and charged at Stirling Police Station.

Violent Crime

  • Police and Ambulance called to New Years Day House Party in Fingal Road. Report of male having been struck with bottle. The male and female occupants was assisted by ambulance staff, taken to hospital but no serious injuries. Enquiries are ongoing.

Road safety

  • Report of a 1 car collision on A82 in Glen Falloch. Male occupant was taken to hospital and dealt with by police for drink driving and other traffic offences. No one else was involved.
  • Weather conditions haven’t impacted too badly , however motorist are to be prepared and ensure vehicles are in good condition to cope with adverse weather conditions. Please ensure extra warm clothes and emergency food is taken in case of emergencies.


  • A large stack of cut firewood as stolen from outside Forest Lodge, Main Street, Strathyre.
  • A high value theft has occurred at Loch Earn Caravan Site, 4 Jet Skis and 2 trailers were taken by at least 2 vehicles including a Transit size van.

Community Engagement and reassurance

  • Extra caution is to be taken with home security. Seek advice if necessary.
  • Patrol of Main Street, Killin at Primary School when possible. Traffic conditions monitored at zebra crossing & zig zags.
  • Round house – patrols carried out later hours due to complaints about broken glass.
  • Parking issues continue to be monitored with corrective advise being provided to vehicle owners.


  • A 19 year old male threatening suicide at the Drovers Inn, Inverarnan, he was safely located and detained under the Mental Health legislation.
  • Concert at McLaren Hall ehere Skipinnish were playing appeared successful. No issues reported.
  • Hogmany fireworks celebrations were well attended by both locals and visitors.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier handed into police before the bells was reunited with its owners the next day. Thank you to the local lady who took care of him overnight, avoiding a trip to the kennels in Striling.
  • Killin Mountain Rescue Team were involved in a rescue at Stob Glas near Crainlarich where a retired policeman lost his footing and injured his knee. Despite being in company they were unable to manage down the hill & emergency services was called. The injured party’s group used flash lights to assist in identifying their position, this however prompted numerous calls to police control by concerned motorist on nearby A82. Driving rain and strong wind conditions meant the Rescue Helicopter could not lower the winchman and had to return to base. Killin MRT personnel deployed to stretcher the man safely off the hill. He was later taken To Edinburgh with a damaged tendon.
  • Police & Luss Lifeboat were engaged for several hours in Glen Falloch & Loch Lomond after report of a flare being set off. Coincides with concern for a couple on the West Highland Way. Couple was found safe and flare identified as fireworks on the shore of Inveruglas, west side of loch.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: G.MacKenzie Seconded: R. Allner
The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising:
Road Lining Yellow line have been done, some white lines remain undone. Causing problems at mill as people have no indication of actual road. A.Hayes to follow up.

Water Pressure & Sewage Slight improvement but has deteriorated again. Some work has taken place at sewage plant but smell would probably return in warmer weather. Is ongoing with T.F. with Scottish water

There were no planning issues received & Morenish Woodlands have been approved. There is ongoing issues regarding making the website more user friendly.

Ardeonaig Road Most of the parking places has been done, the culverts remain undone. A. Hayes to follow up.

Street Lights Two lights still flickering at Lyon and Station Road. A. Hayes to follow up

Ballechroisk 20mph signs are ongoing. A. Hayes to follow up

Electricity ongoing. Should be paid for by the Games & Show Committees

Round House ongoing – police will patrol later in evening, reports of a damaged fruit tree.

Fireworks C.G. article for Killin News in relation to funding for 2018 fireworks. Killin didn’t meet criteria for Grant for fireworks, A.H. to investigate

DRT agreed to connect Killin area to ST Fillians for a better connection to Perth. Councils are considering one large DRT area appose to the split areas

Bins & Recycling no indication of costing due to the system not running smoothly as yet. Considerable complaints about bins not being emptied during festive period.

KAT two funding applications in place with Loch Lomond National Park & Stirling Council for Landscape designer for playpark before additional funding for actual work can be sought. Fence will be fixed in spring. Theresia Elliot also only have funding for a further 3months.

Priority Budgeting A.H. to follow up. No proposals as yet. Items discussed and approved not completed

Craignavie Road Some potholes has been done, not considered dangerous but resurfacing should be considered. Sycamore tree considered dangerous has been checked by council and deemed safe. Ivy will be removed and trees pruned. Remains ongoing

Music Festival to go ahead

National Park Sign to warn of slippery rocks needs replacing. R.A to follow up

Thank you to:
Andrew Vince (Acharn Biomass Plant) for generous donation of £100 towards the Burns’ Supper
Alma Walker for organising the lantern making & walk
Church for use of their grounds
Anthony Dowling for supplying Christmas tree
Willie Stitt for erecting Christmas tree
& Robert Grant for doing the lights on the Christmas tree
Also Charlie Grant for organising the fireworks.

The meeting closed at 9pm with T.F. thanking everyone for their attendance.

Next meeting will be March 14th, @ 730pm in the school

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