Killin Community Council July 2015

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20 Jul
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7 years ago Killin News

Present: F. Kennedy, T. Frost, C. Grant, C. Campbell, G. MacKenzie

In attendance: Councillor A. Hayes, O. McKee (LLTNP), A. Fleming (Police Scotland), E. Murray (Minutes), and 1 member of the public


  1. Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance

Apologies: F. Chisholm, Y. Gillies, C. Kemp.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:

  • Ironworks patrols continue and involve the LLTNP Ranger Service and the Water Bailiffs.
  • Checks on campers have produced evidence of drug misuse which has been reported.
  • Speed checks continue to be a priority. A recent check on Dochart Road revealed a number of motorists speeding, including some locals. The Police would like to remind every motorist that speeding incurs a fine of £100 and 3 penalty points on your licence.
  • A local male was caught driving at almost three times over the drink driving limit and has been banned for 18 months.
  • Visitor numbers are high which has led to more minor road incidents, particularly wing mirror collisions.
  • There was an attempt at shoplifting in the Co-op but good communication from the Callander store to the Killin store prevented this.
  • A fraud was reported which involved eBay. Balance transfers direct from bank accounts are often unable to be recovered. The Police advise all transactions of this type are carried out within the website itself as emails can be very plausible.
  • There was a theft of wheel trims at Dalrigh, Tyndrum.
  • There was a theft of plant equipment from the Hydro Scheme at Glen Falloch.
  • The Police will be distributing a security marking system called Smartwater to vulnerable properties. A limited number of packs are available from the Police Station free of charge.
  • The Police dealt with a visitor in Crianlarich who had a number of care issues.

The Police have spoken to parents dropping their children off on the crossing zigzags by the school. The school has also asked parents to wait within the playground so drivers are able to see clearly when pedestrians wish to use the crossing.

Reports of stunt cycling at the Monemore coach park were passed on to the Police as there were concerns about safety for the cyclists, drivers on the road and tourists getting on and off buses.

  1. Kennedy and C. Grant will attend a meeting with Police Senior Management on the 27th of July.
  2. Fleming clarified that Race Marshalls for events can only look for co-operation from motorists, they have no power to stop the traffic.
  3. Fleming also clarified that security cameras on private property are permitted as long as they only cover the property.

The problem of cars stopping on the Glen Ogle road to allow passengers to take photographs of the viaduct was discussed. The Police are aware of this.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: C. Grant
Seconded: T. Frost
The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising:

Alan Ogilvie, Stirling Council

  1. Kennedy passed on to the Floral Association that the hard surface will be provided. The coach parking is still waiting for yellow lines.

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area

  1. Kennedy will contact Councillor M. Earl about this.

Bridge repairs
The Lochay bridge has been repaired and the coping stones are on the Dochart bridge. Further repairs to the Dochart Bridge are expected later in the year.


  1. Kennedy contacted W. Angus who agreed to meet with the Contractor to ensure the work at Dall Lodge was completed first. However work there is ongoing. There are problems with the pipe into the river. There are also problems with water pooling in the park and water is causing problems for houses beside the park. Stirling Council and the Contractors are coming to see the work.

KAT are currently looking for a new Secretary and Chair.

This will be installed soon and further training will be organised.

Road Repairs

  1. Frost has requested the jet patcher and it is currently on the Ardeonig Road once a week. Councillor A. Hayes will request that Stirling Council complete the work as the road does deteriorate between visits. F. Kennedy will contact P. Turner at Stirling Council regarding Manse Road. T. Frost has also raised with Stirling Council the need to clear the passing places on Ardeonig Road. Councillor A. Hayes will also enquire if Stirling Council is responsible for the lay-bys near the curling pond.

Lamp Posts
The replacement work is almost complete but the root of an old post has been left possibly because it has a sign on it. F. Kennedy will enquire if the sign can be moved to a new lamp post and the root removed. Councillor A. Hayes will follow up on Christmas Lights and who would be responsible for the electricity. It is up to the Community to purchase Christmas Lights.

A827/080 Allt a’Bhaile Chruim culvert
Councillor A. Hayes was thanked for altering the closure time. The parapet has been removed to widen the road.

Repairs to the railway line path
The Contractors have returned and improved the state of the path.

Invasive Species
Councillor A. Hayes was given a date when this work would be done but it is not obvious that any action has been taken. Councillor A. Hayes will follow up.

Breadalbane Park Play Area

  1. McKee (LLTNP) will ask the Enforcement Officer to come and have a look at the work that has been done.

Manned Police Stations

  1. Fleming clarified that call points outside Police Stations are connected directly to Edinburgh and not to the Station. The Reception areas may not always be staffed when Police Stations are open. 


  1. Grant is now receiving emails regarding all planning applications from LLTNP and there are none for this area.


  • Notification for a Public Procession for the Killin Agricultural Show on the 15th of August 2015
  • Notification for a Public Procession for the Killin 10K race on the 29th of August 2015
  • An update from the Broadband Advisory Group
  • Stirling Council letter on the introduction of “Big Belly” solar powered bins. These have a greater capacity and so need less emptying. Litter in Killin will be monitored for a trial period. It was reported that the removal of the bin from the small car park gate that leads to the Railway Line has led to an increase in litter and dog mess. Councillor A. Hayes and F. Kennedy will contact Stirling Council regarding this.
  • Changes to the DRT service from October 2015. A number of changes will be made which were felt to be to the detriment of service users. A copy of the letter will be displayed in the Library and the Paper Shop and on the website to encourage users to feedback their views to the Community Council. All three local Councillors have objected to the booking system as it does not meet people’s needs.


Fire Hydrants
Local Retained Fire Officers were clearing out hydrants and painting them but they were told to stop, leaving some hydrants not done. T. Frost will find out more.

Rural Stirling Housing Association
Three issues regarding residents were passed to O. McKee.

Rubbish Containers

  1. Kennedy to contact Stirling Council regarding the smell from the grey waste containers when they are left at the old skip site. There is also a mess that is not cleared up when the containers are changed.

The Ambulance Depot
This remains overgrown. Councillor A. Hayes will follow up with Bruce Crawford’s office. 

Gardens at Monemore
Three of the gardens were reported as overgrown. Councillor A. Hayes has followed up on one of these.

Any problems with deer should be reported to T. Frost.

The Killin Folk Festival
The possibility of a rebranded, smaller scale festival has been suggested and was widely supported at the Community Council. The organisers will hold a public meeting to invite comments.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8th of September 2015 at Killin Primary School

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