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20 Jul
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Minutes of the Bimonthly meeting
Tuesday 12th July 2016

Present: R. Allner, T. Frost, C. Grant, S. Inglis, F. Kennedy, C. Kemp, G. Mackenzie

In attendance: Councillor M. Earl, T. Elliot (Community Liaison Officer, SC & Minutes), Andrew Vince (Acharn Biomass Plant) W. Morgan (Acharn Biomass Plant) and B. Ronald (LLTNP).


  1. Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Apologies: C. Campbell, L. Campbell, P. Farquharson, A. Fleming (Police Scotland)

Acharn Biomass Plant
Andrew Vince introduced his colleague Willie Morgan who is the Portfollio Manager for the project. The contract arrangements will be in place by the end of July. There were a few issues that have been dealt with. The footpath has now been fully segregated with fencing. They need to apply for a section 42 for the mobile plant to work at the weekends and have spoken to both Stirling Council and LLTNP and they seem very positive for the weekend work to go ahead. They are waiting for final confirmation. The work is about 2 months behind and hoping to start in early August.

The previous project manager suggested that they would be collecting brash and do stump clearance locally T. Frost wanted to know if this was still part of the plans. Andrew Vince that the stumps are really good quality wood to use, but they can’t use the roots, also the brash could not be smaller than 5cms and would need to be clean. It would be something they would look at locally if it was financially viable.

They are looking to source wood within 1 hours drive from site. Once they are in the construction stage they will be looking for suppliers of the wood. Andrew Vince would also like to start talks on the heat source after starting construction.

Andrew Vince will come back to the Community Council in September to give a presentation on the project. If KCC could provide a project and laptop. C. Kemp to look into source equipment.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:
Anti-social behaviour

  • Domestic assault at Acharn Lodge, 1 man arrested.
  • Breach of the Peace in Fingal Road. Fixed penalty issued to 1 male.
  • Disturbance assault in a house in Lyon Road. 2 Males arrested.

Road safety

  • Road policing officer patrolling trunk road network particularly at weekends. Monitoring usual summer complaints of speeding motorcyclists on the trunk roads.
  • A road accident occurred with rider and pillion passenger being thrown off their Honda bike in A85 Glen Dochart when it tumbled into the verge and down an embankment. No other vehicle involed and appears to have been a moment of inattention by the rider. The couple were taken to hospital suspected serious injuries, however, fortunately discharged a few hours later with minor bruising. Unfortunately the female pillion passenger wasn’t so lucky a few moments after arriving home in Livingston when she was bitten, on her rear, by a neighbours dog.
  • 2 males arrested and reported for Drink Driving offences during period.


  • A camera pinched from back seat of insecure car in Main Street.
  • Early hours of the morning the sheds at Immervoulin Caravan Site in Strathyre were broken into and over £3,000 of ground maintenance machinery were stolen.
  • A few days before this there were a number of bikes stolen after a break-in to the Strathyre Forest Cabins. Both these offences are thought to be link to a number of incidents in St Fillans area.
  • Shoplifting occurred at the Green Welly Stop Whisky Shop with over £2,000 worth of whiskies stolen. There is a positive line of enquiry into these offences.
  • The National Trust car park at Lawers dam have had their ticket machine stolen. The machine is valued over £4,000 which vastly outweighs the possible contents of £40.

Community Engagement and Reassurance

  • Schools out
    • Just before school finished one 10 year old girl crashed her bicycle on the cycle track near River Lochay and injured her leg. She was airlifted to hospital by the Helimed but discharged a few hours later.
    • Summer months and children are out of school and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately one or two local kids appear to be enjoying themselves too much going by the broken bones. Take care please.
  • Killin Music Festival – all went well and no reports of any issues.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: T. Frost
Seconded: S. Inglis
The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising:

Tilhill Forestry
Not many people attended the consultation. There will not be an Environmental Impact Assessment unless there are enough complaints about the lack of one. The project is only just economically viable and the slightest changes could make it unviable.

Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
Councillor Earl said that the double yellow lines will need to be carried out by November as this is when parking will be decriminalised and the statutory rights for parking is transferred to Stirling Council.

Dochart Bridge
This remains ongoing. Stirling Council can cut down the trees if they are a hazard to road users. They would need to put on a 30 day statutory notice before work can be carried out. Parking outside the Smiddy remains a problem as does the lack of markings as cars exit the bridge into the village. See AOCB regarding white lines for action.

Nothing has been done regarding contacting LLTNP Ranger Service about replacement sign warning of slippery rocks on the falls. T. Frost asked Billy if he could deal with it.

Parking direction sign hanging off its post on the bridge. When the street lights were replaced all the old lights were removed except one just before bridge going out of the village, this is because it has the directional sign for Ardeonaig on it, not sure why sign was not removed and put on new street light post instead. Councillor Earl to investigate.

Scottish Water
Problem still ongoing. P. Farquharson has on a number of occasions had dirty water coming into her machines and contaminating her sheets, she been told been told by SW to install pumps and she sees this as the only way forward.

  1. Frost to invite SW to attend the next meeting.

Ardeonaig Road
It is felt that the 40mph signs are making people think they should drive faster and there were several vehicles off the road this weekend. The passing places are really bad that some can not be used as they need levelling up, also some signs are missing from some passing places. Councillor Earl will pursue.

Stirling Council only sprayed the Japanese Knotweed by the road side and not what was just over the fence. The roadside area has got rid of the Knotweed but what was just over the fence has now spread in the field, some concern that the Council should have sprayed the lot. The area of concern is near boundary to LLTNP it was suggested that maybe they might be able to come and spray area. B’ Ronald to enquire.


Breadalbane Park
Myself and Theresa met with City Design, MW Groundworks and Stirling Council (Steve and Donna) on Friday 8th July to take a look at the park and if everything is acceptable sign off phase 1.

The Council were happy with the work carried out. There had been rain the previous night and the only area of ground which was really wet was around the roundhouse. The drainage has really improved the ground and with the grass is growing.

There are 2 pieces of play equipment that were put in that need some attention to; the seasaw base needs resetting and another springy animal one has been broken. The broken one looks like a design fault as there is another part which looks like it’s going to break soon too. The springy animals were brought by Stirling Council in 2011 and were kept in storage until last year. Stirling Council are going to contact the manufactures to see if we can get a replacement top, mean while MW Groundworks will take the top off and make safe and reset the seasaw base.

Other areas of the park that was discussed were:

  • Roundhouse – the council are going to come and power wash the floor, sand and repaint the seats. Steve is going to discuss with his manager to see if they can get the drains sorted and replace the guttering.
  • Donna is going to talk to her colleague about them planting wild flower seeds at the top end of the park on the park ground where the grass isn’t cut to give it a nicer outlook. This is in the park plan to be a wild flower area so it would be great if the Council will do this for us. Also they do sometime help to do orchards. Something that was also talked about was planting some fruit trees around the park. If the Council are able to do this then a meeting will be arranged with KAT.

We talked about funding to get a design of the play area and at the moment Stirling Council don’t have any money, but Donna will keep us in mind as there sometimes come a pocket of money available that could be used for this sort of thing. After the mill application is complete Theresa will contact City Design to see if they have other funding suggests as Richard is going to see if he can find possible funding sources for us. 

Old Mill
The Mill received planning permission for the lift and bio mass boiler house which will help the funding application.

The big lottery application is progressing well and is on course to be submitted by the closing date.

Acharn passed for chalet and the Old Mill passed for external works.

There were concerns that the Community Council were not getting access to the schedules, without having to search through all the lists. Other concerns were trying to see the plans for a notice online. It’s hard to see detail and costly for Community Councillors to print out A3 plans.

Could each planning authority print and send plans for any application that the Community Council has concerns about to Killin Library so they and the community can discuss and feedback? B. Ronald to feedback to LLTNP, Councillor Earl to feedback to SC.


  • Stirling Council Notice of Public Procession – Bam Racing Ltd, (Glen Ogle 33 Race) on 5th November 2016. The race starts and finishes at Breadalbane Park, mainly following cycle route 7 to Strathyre and back.
  • Stirling Council Notice of Public Procession – Killin Highland Games on 3rd August 2016, from Falls of Dochart to Breadalbane Park.
  • Stirling Council Notice of Public Procession – Killin Show, 23rd August 2016, from Falls of Dochart to Breadalbane Park.
  • Festival Lightening Company – Christmas Decorations catalogue, to be passed to F. Chisholm and L.Campbell
  • Stirling Council letter – about proposed schedule of DRT, but no schedule was enclosed.
  • Clock house Nurseries – play equipment, passed to KAT


White Lining
There are a number of areas in the village that need the white / yellow lines repainted:

  • The hump near ambulance station
  • Manse Road junction
  • Dochart Bridge
  • The junction near Episcopal Church

Councillor Earl suggested that the Community Council request a survey of all lining required in Killin and highlighting the ones already identified to Jim McGregor, Stirling Council.  F. Kennedy to contact J. McGregor

Stirling Council are going to spend £20,000 on upgrading the 2 toilet blocks in Killin.

Street Lights
There are now three lights on 24/7, but Stirling Council will only come out if a minimum of five lights need sorted.

Episcopal Church Sign
The sign for the Episcopal church was suppose to be taken down so the new ministers name could be added. When it came to doing this the sign was gone, no one connected to the church knows where it is. If anyone sees or hears where the sign is if they can let T. Frost know.

Ballechroisk 20mph Signs
The issue of putting up 20mph signs at Ballechroisk is still ongoing. They was a feeling that this work was going to be carried out. Councillor Earl going to see what’s happening.

Dog Mess in Breadalbane Park
It was brought to R. Allner attention by several locals who’s children have come home covered in dog mess. R. Allner brought this up with a KAT park meeting to Stirling Council and they are going to get signs up around the entrances of the park, send me some spray that the community council can use to spray the dog mess to highlight the extent of the problem. This is a scheme they have used in other areas that has help to reduce the amount of mess found around. Also have the street cleaning team will checking the park weekly and to clean up any mess found. Stirling Council staff can enforce a on the spot fine of £80 for anyone seen not picking up their dog’s mess.

Councillor Earl suggested that a campaign around the village should be started to make people more aware of the issue and their responsibility as dog owners. F. Kennedy will put something in Killin News.

Monemore Gardens
Complaints have been received about the gardens at 1, 4 & 7 Monemore. Councillor Earl to pursue.

Grass Cutting
The grass by pathway from Ballechroisk to Main Street has not be cut and it was also noted that the grave yard grass was getting long. T. Elliot to pursue.

Minute Secretary
Killin Community Council has a vacancy for a paid Minute Secretary. Anyone interested should contact Tim Frost or Fiona Kennedy.

Bollards have been put up by Stirling Council outside Vison Hair & Beauty and Eureka £1 Shop. This does not allow for unloading access for the two business as they can’t park on road as it’s a pedestrian crossing. It was thought that maybe removable bollards would be best so the businesses could get access for unloading only. Councillor Earl to pursue

Monemore bus park is restricted to buses between 8am and 6pm, but is still being used by cars and police driving pass and not dealing with it.

Until the statutory rights for parking comes into force in November this area is being dealt with by the Police and they can deal with any vehicle that is seen as seriously obstructive or dangerous parking. After November it will be Stirling Councils responsibility.

Date of next meeting: 7.30 pm Tuesday 13th September 2016 at Killin Primary School

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