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Minutes of the Bimonthly meeting
Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Present: R. Allner, F. Chisholm, T. Frost, C. Grant, C. Kemp, F. Kennedy, S. Inglis, G. Mackenzie.

In attendance: Councillor M. Earl, B. Ronald (LLTNP), T. Elliot (Community Liaison Officer, SC), E. Murray (Minutes), Andrew Vaughan and Bruce Spalding (Tilhill Forestry), Graham Carter (HS), Cameron Maxwell and Neil McFarlane (FCS), Andrew Vince (Acharn Biomass Plant) and 9 members of the public.


  1. Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Apologies: C. Campbell, L. Campbell, Y. Gillies, A. Fleming (Police Scotland)

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: R. Allner
Seconded: T. Frost
The minutes were approved.

Tilhill Forestry
Representatives of Tilhill Forestry provided a presentation of their current plans for commercial forestry at Morenish. 62% of the trees planted will be Sitka spruce and 14% Norway spruce with an anticipated harvest in 35 to 40 years. Concerns were raised about the impact of logging lorries on the Dochart Bridge. The company would inform Stirling Council when timber would be transported but any impact on the Dochart Bridge would be the responsibility of SC.

Basic surveys have been carried out by Tilhill Forestry and Tilhill Forestry agreed that when an Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out a copy will be provided to Killin Community Council.

A number of questions were raised regarding the impact of this commercial planting on the many local businesses which rely on tourism and who would take responsibility for ensuring an integrated approach. In particular the impact on significant views was discussed. Cameron Maxwell (Forestry Commission Scotland) said that they would consider this when looking at Tilhill’s plans.

Public access was also raised. Tilhill Forestry will be leaving a peat track open and could provide a path along the lochside when planting in the area that is liable to flooding. The gap between the road and planting could also provide a path.

Questions were also raised regarding deer fencing. Tilhill Forestry plan to erect a deer fence on the south side of the road but not on the north side, where they will control deer numbers but will not be part of the Deer Management Group.

Tilhill agreed to organise an open meeting for the public in Killin and will inform Tim Frost of the details. They will also organise on-site meeting for anyone who wishes to discuss their plans.

Acharn Biomass Plant
Andrew Vince (Clean Energy Ventures Operations Management LTD) provided an update on the power plant which will now comprise 10 small units run on a shift pattern with 16 employees. The footprint of the site remains the same. Scottish Woodland are currently taking down trees and removing stumps and the aim is to start work on the plant on the 2nd of May 2016. The initial work will be carried out by the Robertson Group from Stirling and the aim is to complete this and be operational within 12 months.

The plant uses advanced gasification to generate electricity and heat from timber. Any ideas for using the heat locally to benefit the community can be discussed with Andrew Vince and he has a suggestion that he will bring back to the Community Council when he has considered it more fully.

The noise impact was questioned. Andrew Vince is looking to reduce noise, in particular by using an electric chipper rather than a diesel chipper.

The impact on the Dochart Bridge was also discussed. Timber would not be transported through the village by the Biomass Plant but if a timber company was bringing timber through the village anyway the Biomass Plant would try to use that.

Local jobs were discussed and Andrew Vince confirmed that the Biomass Plant would aim to fill as many of the 16 jobs as possible locally.

Andrew Vince will come back to the Community Council in May and July to provide updates on progress and discuss options for using the heat for a community project. 

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:
Anti-social behaviour

  • Disturbance in the Main Street, Killin led to two local males being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
  • There was a disturbance outside the Killin Hotel.

Road safety

  • A woman was arrested and charged with Drink Driving after a crash at Leskine.
  • A man was arrested and charged with Drink Driving after a crash outside the Co-op in Killin.
  • Forestry work is going on in various locations. Motorists should be aware and reduce their speed.

Community Engagement and reassurance

  • Extra attention will be paid to the Main Road during the start and finish of the school day.
  • A local officer visited the nursery and Primary One class.


  • There have been a number of break-ins in Doune and Callander. Owners of property and vehicles are encouraged to check security. Smartwater packs are still available at the Police Office.
  • Several local Mountain Rescue team members assisted the recent search on Ben Nevis.
  • PC Fleming assisted the search near Durisdeer with his SARDA dog.
  • Local officers are dealing with Firearms Licensing Enquiries.

Matters Arising:

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
Double yellow lines will be installed where the bin lorry had difficulty gaining access. The reduction of the speed limit is ongoing. 

Dochart Bridge
Despite being in the schedule, there has been no progress in improving sight lines or road markings on the Dochart Bridge or re-instating road markings at the Bridge End. Lix Toll road markings have been done. T. Frost will pass on last email correspondence to Councillor M. Earl who will then follow up on this.

Christmas Tree and Lights
Tilhill Forestry were thanked for their donation of a tree and they have been asked to provide one for next year. 

Scottish Water
Bruce Crawford has raised this matter with Scottish Water who responded that their obligation is only to provide 1bar of pressure and that they have reduced the pressure to protect the infrastructure. C. Grant will gather information about all local businesses affected and Councillor M. Earl will speak to Bruce Crawford to see if more can be done. 

Community Liaison Officer
Theresa Elliot is now in post as a pilot scheme until the 31st of December 2016. Her role is to provide a link with Stirling Council and bring services from the Council to the community. 

Ardeonig Road
There has been no action to clear the drains.

Hogmanay Fireworks
Councillor M. Earl will follow up on any possibility for funding.

Flooding at the Bank of Scotland
The pipes under the school playground are not able to cope with the volume of water. They were last cleared out 4 or 5 years ago.

Fibre Broadband
The date for this being installed has now been pushed back again to June. G. Mackenzie will contact Councillor A. Hayes regarding the advisory Group and Councillor M. Earl will pass on contact details for Douglas Bailey , the Project Officer for Broadband.

The AGM is on Saturday 12th of March and there are 2 places for Directors to be co-opted. The sand splitting has still to be completed in the Breadalbane Park. A person has been found to take over running the internet drop-in on Thursdays at the Library.

There were no planning issues.  B. Ronald had spoken to Stuart Mearns regarding this and will do so again.


  • BEAR – boxes with combination padlocks containing a range of signage for use following significant road closures will be supplied at strategic locations in the next few weeks.
  • Rural Matters
  • Community Health
  • Friends of our Park – passed to C. Grant
  • Letter of thanks form the Church – regarding the electricity payment.


Killin to Crianlarich Road
There are a number of potholes on this road which have not been dealt with despite being reported two months ago. The Area manager has now changed, the new Area Manager is George Fiddes. 

Breadalbane Park
The wall on the left hand side of the park entrance has sustained significant damage at the weekend. S. Inglis will check as it is unclear whether this is the responsibility of SC or the householder next to the park.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th of May 2016, 19.30 at Killin Primary School

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