Killin Community Council March 2017

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18 Mar
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5 years ago Killin News

Minutes of the meeting of the Killin Community Council held on March 14th 2017, in Killin Primary School @ 7.30pm

PRESENTF Kennedy, T Frost, R Allner, Y Gillies, P Farquharson, C Grant, C Campbell

APOLOGIES PC A Fleming, C Kemp, S Inglis

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE J Stewart, G MacKenzie, T Elliot, M Errol, C Mclarty, A Milliken & K Lambie

F Kennedy welcomes everyone to the meeting.

Follow up meeting with A Milliken and K Lambie from Stirling Council.

  • Changes to waste management N Patterson head of department. • Contact centre handling calls.
  • K Lambie joined SC in January, he is working to improve customer services, monthly reports going to Chief Executive to get targets met.
  • T Frost reported that numerous calls to get jobs done no reference numbers issued either.
  • G MacKenzie asked if the website and calls to customer services could be integrated with an automatic email being sent with notification and job number. Allan said this was not unreasonable and maybe doable in the future.
  • SC website is improving with a new prototype in place in a few months.
  • Rats seen at bottle bank with bin lorry containers being left on site.
  • Times of Callander skip to be reviewed.
  • C Mclarty asked if new bin system was saving money, SC waste team working 7 days a week now.

F Kennedy Thanked A Milliken and K Lambie for coming along.

Approval of Minutes Approved by P Farquharson and Seconded by R Allner.

Police Report from January to March 2017

  • A number of Anti-Social behaviour issues were investigated during the period.
  • Fraud – Gumtree & EBay offences are becoming more regular, please be aware and use PayPal where possible.
  • Theft- Tayside area reported Machinery worth £30,000 being taken from a farm in Auchterarder, please ensure your equipment has security markings.
  • Roads – A few short blasts of winter conditions left with several cars sliding off the road and minor collisions.
  • Missing Person – 15yr old girl failed to tum up to school, reported missing by her parents. The girl was found safe and well a few hours later.
  • Social Media – Number of enquiries about lnstagram and Snapchat. Photos of a teenager in a state of undress was sent to “Friends” unbeknown to her. It is a criminal offence to distribute indecent photos of a child on social media. Parents need to have a close control & focus on their children’s social media accounts.
  • Domestic disturbance – Enquiries carried out & a male was arrested and charged & a report was sent to the Procurator Fiscal.
  • Mountain Rescue – A local male for Tyndrum became lost and disorientated in forest paths. He was later found safe and well.
  • PC Iona Frickleton will be back from Maternity Leave in May and will continue to be stationed in Killin.

White Lining
Ambulance Depot lines need doing, No follow up from Alicia. M Errol wants T Elliot to send him all the areas needing doing, plus more signage to be at Dochart Bridge. Water Pressure – P Farquharson said water pressure is bad every day.

Renewal consent for Tayview.

Ardeonaig Road
Pot holes need fixing and new passing place signs put up.

Street Lights
F Kennedy to report faults.

Park Electric
C Grant given bill to be paid for by Killin Show and Killin Highland Games. Round House- Still with mess and broken glass.

Craignavie Road
Pot holes past the 30 sign need fixing.

New mast for Emergency Services network for A84/A827 areas.

Community Council Connect Fund, everything to go through Treasurer, Facebook page might be a good way to get the locals involved.

Cheque for Xmas Tree lights to be sent to church £40 was agreed by everyone.

LL TNP – Camping signs are up for restricted camping in certain areas, if we have more than normal camping or damage in this area report to LL TNP.

40 page Consultation 5yr plan for the LL TNP could get things done for the village, T Elliot to ask for hard copies to be sent out.

F Kennedy thanked M Errol for all his hard work over the last 5yrs helping Killin Community Council and good luck at the elections.

Date of next meeting 9th May 7.30pm at Killin Primary School.

AGM to be held after.

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