Killin Community Council May 2015

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20 May
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Present: F. Kennedy, T. Frost, C. Grant, R. Allner, F. Chisholm, Y. Gillies, P. Farquharson, L. Campbell, S. Inglis

In attendance: Councillor M. Earl, O. McKee (LLTNP), G. Mackenzie (, E. Murray (Minutes), and 2 members of the public


  1. Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting

Apologies: C. Campbell, C. Kemp, I. Frickleton & A. Fleming (Police Scotland), ,

Alan Ogilvie, Stirling Council
Alan Ogilvie, Traffic and Road Safety Team Leader from Stirling Council attended the start of the meeting. The vacant land near the turning circle is currently allocated for parking. The Community Council agreed that the land is not required for parking. As it is surplus it can now be re-allocated and used for another purpose. It was confirmed that the flower beds require a hard surface that tubs can sit upon and that SC will carry out this work in this financial year.

The Community Council made Alan Ogilvie aware that the trees are overgrown around the car park near the Capercaillie Restaurant and need cut back. It was confirmed by Alan Ogilvie that the pavement will be brought round the back of the EV charging point.

Stirling Council have advertised the adoption of the coach parking and the lines and signs will be changed. Stirling Council is currently going through the procedure of acquiring the enforcement powers for on-street parking. In time, yellow lines and no waiting signs will be renewed but no parking signs are being scrapped. Traffic wardens have been retained and will come out to all areas.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:

  • There was some minor vandalism around Maragowan during the Easter holidays
  • Ironworks patrols have started again
  • Police have been encouraging dog owners to pick up and dispose of dog mess
  • Winter safety checks on vehicles continued over the last period
  • Dealing with speeding is a Force commitment over the coming year
  • There have been some minor road accidents as a result of harsh wintery snow conditions
  • There was a double fatal road traffic accident which resulted in a lengthy road closure affecting road users including primary and secondary pupils from Crianlarich and Tyndrum.
  • A road traffic accident on Glen Ogle resulted in an arrest for drink driving.
  • The problems with parking at the Highland Park development are largely resolved.
  • Two thefts and two attempted thefts were reported.
  • Mountain Rescue have been busy including two fatalities.

Ongoing problems of safety at the school crossing were discussed. F. Kennedy will email S. Geddes at Stirling Council, the Police and Councillor M. Earl to consider ways to make it safer. F. Kennedy will also contact the Police about cars stopping on the zigzag lines to drop off passengers with the suggestion that this could be looked at in the school travel plan. It was commented that the Police have not been seen outside the school as often as before.

The Community Council expressed the gratitude of many for the support from the Co-op, the Killin Hotel, the Courie Inn and many others during the recent extensive road closure which affected Primary and Secondary pupils from Crianlarich and Tyndrum.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: R. Allner
Seconded: T. Frost
The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising:

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
There have been no developments and this remains ongoing. Councillor M. Earl will contact S. Geddes (SC).

Bridge repairs
Both the Lochay bridge and the Dochart bridge will be repaired in this financial year.

Work on the Breadalbane Park remains ongoing. The new owners of Dall Lodge have been in contact with the Community Council regarding this. F. Kennedy will contact W. Angus to determine when work is expected to be complete.

The training has been well attended.

Road Repairs

  1. Frost will begin making regular requests for the jet patcher to be brought to the area and contact P.Turner or I. McDonald at SC. Everyone is encouraged to report any potholes.

Lamp Posts
The work is ongoing to replace these.

A827/080 Allt a’Bhaile Chruim culvert
Councillor A. Hayes was able to alter the closure time to 22.00 – 07.00.

Repairs to the railway line path
The complaint has been passed to the Countryside Trust who plan to contact EAK. F. Kennedy will contact J. Holland.

Invasive Species
Councillor M. Earl to contact Councillor A. Hayes for an update.

No applications have been received by the Community Council. O. McKee informed the Community Council that all applications and plans are now available to view online. He will enquire whether an automatic email alert can be sent to the Community Council’s Planning representative, C. Grant.



Breadalbane Park
A large mound has been created for the aerial slide but it blocks the view between the play park and the football pitch which has raised concerns for some parents. Concerns were also raised that alterations to the plans had been made without consultation. F. Kennedy and P. Farquharson to speak to W. Angus.

Manned Police Stations

  1. Frost had been to Falkirk Police Station and found it unmanned during a time when it was stated it would be. This will be fed back to the Police.

School Travel
A parent raised concerns that their children had been unable to attend school some days in the winter because the Auchlyne Road was ungritted and the taxi driver could not get along it. It was clarified that unclassified roads will only be gritted during sustained periods of cold weather and that the advice to parents is not to send their children to school.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 14th of July 2015 at the Church Community Rooms.

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