Killin Community Council Meeting Agenda – Mon 25 May 2020

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11 May
Updated 11/05/20 at 08:46
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Killin Community Council will be holding a video meeting on Zoom, at 7pm on Monday 25th May to which all members of the community are invited to contribute in advance.

If you have comments and suggestions, or issues that you would like raised please email or contact one of the Killin Community Councillors directly, prior to the meeting. [Andy Aitken, Amanda Clark, Colin Hay, Dave Fettes, Pamela Farquharson, Ron Allner, Charlie Grant and Teddy Inglis]


  1. Chairman’s welcome.
  2. Recording of those present, and apologies received.
  3. Adoption of previous minutes.
  4. KCC Activity Report.
  5. Police Report.
  6. Treasurer’s Report & SSE Grant Funding – priorities discussion.*
  7. Killin War Memorial Funding – approval.
  8. Easing of pandemic restriction priorities – discussion.
  9. Socio-economic impact locally – discussion.
  10. AOCB.
  11. Date time and format of next meeting.

* Killin Community Council have been awarded £3,000 by Scottish and Southern Electricity for pandemic related relief, the meeting will try to identify priorities for these funds.

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