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13 May
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Notes from the meeting of Killin Community Council on 13th May 2014.

Killin Community Council (CC) will continue to meet every two months rather than a suggested six weeks, with extra meetings in between as and when necessary.

CC will follow up with Stirling Council (SC) on the Ballechroisk area traffic calming which is to be done in the 2014/15 financial year.

SC must first formally adopt the Monemore bus/car park area as a bus only area before yellow lining and then enforcing such rules. It is proposed that it will be bus only between 0800 and 1800 hours. It was pointed out that tourist buses are not stopping as there is no space when the area is being used for cars to park in.

Over the winter the old Station Road turning area and car park was being used by Bear to store their gritters, lorries and other vehicles in. Some buses had issues parking and turning in the area. Bear have moved their gritters to another depot/store/garage for the summer which has eased the situation, but it is expected to return with the Winter season. Bear are to be asked about staff parking in disabled bays without necessary permits.

Fly tipping in the Station Car park beside the recycling banks was brought up. Stirling Council has removed brown bins from the area which has not helped. The main cause of this was thought to be that there is no local skip/recycling depot with the nearest being in Callander or Aberfeldy. The reason that a recycling depot was built in Callander rather than Killin, which would support Strathfillan and Balquhidder/Lochearnhead/Strathyre are as well as Killin, was attributed to the travel from Killin to Polmaise being uneconomical for SC. The alternative is for the public to travel instead. If the public are unable to drive or transport waste for recycling we are to “work together as a community” to find a solution. Councillor Martin Earl (ME) is to follow up and find a sensible arrangement and also to look at Callander recycling depot opening hours, suggesting opening during one or two weekdays.

There are many outlying houses in the area without the proper recycling bins, even some in the village are still missing their correct bins. This was put down to ‘slap-dash’distribution by SC. ME to follow up.

Brown garden waste bin collection will stop again during the winter period from November-March. This will be a regular setup.

The developers of the old Killin Youth Hostel area have suggested new names for the road at this end of the village. Suggestions were Loch Tay Road, Aberfeldy Road, Highland Park Road and Lochay Road. CC replied that the road has ‘always been’ Lochay Road and should remain as such.

Dog mess around the village was raised. Normal bins should be used to dispose of dog mess. This used to be controlled in the main street by Jake Green, street cleaner. Dog mess can cause blindness in children. ME to request regular Dog Warden patrols and a deep clean for the Main Street of Killin. This also affects farmers as the public have rights to walk in most fields, dog mess left behind can cause abortion in cattle.

“What support does SC or the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (LLTNP) give to develop and grow local businesses” was asked. ME reported that SC were looking to set up business development initiatives in Callander and Dunblane, but with little interest from Callander businesses. SC were more likely to start one of these initiatives in an area with more community/local business interest. For the National Park, this type of support must be highlighted in the local development plan which is currently being reviewed. LLTNP to hold an open afternoon/evening session in the Lesser McLaren hall at the beginning of June to promote this plan to the local community. The current plan states that “The recent housing development appears to have helped meet housing need and demand for the immediate term” even though there is still a need for more affordable family sized homes in the area.

It was clarified that LLTNP representatives have a legal right to go onto private land if a complaint has been made regarding the use of the land.

A narrow bridge sign at the Bridge of Lochay is to be looked at.

30mph speed restriction extension has been knocked back as Killin isn’t on a trunk road. A 40mph extension is the best route and it is to be requested to be extended to Killin Golf Course at the North end of the village.

ME requested names and contact details of students in Killin travelling to study in the town as work is going on in the background on this.

The South Loch Tay road is to be closed in October 2014 for roadworks, with time banded opening for local traffic. Craignavie Road is to be closed for one week in September 2014 for roadworks with local diversions in place. It was pointed out that it would make sense that ditching should be done on the South Loch Tay road whilst they are working on the road itself.

KAT were recently awarded in the region of £227,000 for upgrading Breadalbane Park. Phase 1 is to begin 25th August 2014 and will not affect any local annual events. Work will be done in phases to avoid any clashes with such events.

The next Killin Community Council meeting will be on 8th July 2014, planned for the Church Community Rooms.

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