Killin Community Council November 2015

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14 Dec
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Present: R. Allner, C. Campbell, L. Campbell, P. Farquharson, T. Frost, Y. Gillies, C. Grant. S. Inglis, G. Mackenzie

In attendance: Councillor M. Earl, A. Fleming (Police Scotland), E. Murray (Minutes), and 2 members of the public.


  1. Grant welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Police Service of Scotland Community Council Report:

Anti-social behaviour

  • A number of young people have been spoken to about reckless or dangerous stunts on bicycles.
  • A number of complaints have been made about residents at a house in Fingal Road. The owners and occupiers have been made aware and Police are asking that residents of Fingal Road continue to log any complaints.
  • A local male has been charged with vandalism after the bus shelter near the Capercaillie was damaged.

Road safety

  • Winter safety checks are now being carried out so ensure your vehicle is road worthy.
  • There have been two serious accidents involving motorcycles at the new Crianlarich bypass.
  • 50mph speed limit has now been applied to Glen Ogle.


  • There have been a spate of thefts in the area and the Police are advising all residents to ensure they take adequate security measures, including locking vehicles.
  • Smartwater kits are still available for marking valuable items.
  • The new build house near Acharn was broken into and a copper water boiler stolen.
  • An insecure van at Monemore was entered and tools stolen.
  • An insecure Landrover at Craignavie Road was entered and a drill and diesel were stolen.
  • A garden shed at Grey Street was forced open.
  • Wheel nuts from a car in Fingal Road were removed.
  • An insecure flat at Lawers View was entered and an ipad stolen.
  • A white transit van was seen at 0600 on 31.10.15 driving past Lawers View with no lights on – police are keen to identify the driver.
  • People with torches were disturbed in a rear garden in Ballechroisk Terrace.
  • A person has been seen loitering several times on the railway line to the rear of Ballechroisk with a torch.
  • The Remembrance Day Gathering was assisted by the Police without incident.

Mountain rescue

  • A woman fell from the barrier behind the Capercaillie on to the rocks of the River Dochart and was airlifted to Dundee Ninewells Hospital where she made a full recovery.
  • Two walkers became stuck on steep ground on Ben Lui and were airlifted back to their vehicle.


  • A man slipped on rocks at the Falls of Falloch. He scrambled out on the far side and was then rescued by the Fire Service Water Safety crew.
  • A family of canoeists on Loch Dochart got into difficulty and were rescued by the Fire Service Water Safety crew.
  • Local officers are now being allocated Firearm enquiries.
  • Two officers detained a vulnerable missing man from Fife under the Mental Health Act. The officers conveyed him to Forth Valley Royal Hospital but then had to wait with him for 7 hours while Doctor’s assessed him.

There were some concerns about the Firearms enquiries as a backlog has developed leading to the issuing of temporary certificates. Concerns have also been raised at the Stirling Public Safety Committee about the transfer of this from a dedicated team to local officers.

It was noted that cars continue to park in the designated Coach area opposite the Capercaillie. Stirling Council will have Parking Officers next year and they can be called to Killin to deal with this. Meanwhile the Police can deal with obstructions.

Apologies: F. Kennedy, F. Chisholm, C. Kemp,

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
Proposed: C. Campbell
Seconded: R. Allner
The minutes were approved. 

Matters Arising:

Public Access Defibrillator
Further training was organised but then postponed as there was very little uptake. The training will run next year. Later Life Training are keen to get involved. R. Allner to contact them.

Loch Tay Internet Project
There have been some objections lodged regarding the positioning of the mast and therefore some delay to the project.

Traffic speed on Lyon Road/Ballechroisk area
A 20mph speed limit in this area has been agreed in principal by Stirling Council and is now in the work schedule.

The bin lorry has had difficulty accessing Lyon Road due to cars parked there. The Community Council will email George Somerville about this and copy in M. Earl.

Dochart Bridge
Jim McGregor, Traffic Management Team Leader, has been in touch with T. Frost regarding the road markings and sight line problems and will look at measures to improve this. He has stated that LLTNP will have to be contacted regarding cutting back vegetation and it was thought that this was to do with a previous issue of trees being cut down to improve the sight line. T. Frost will forward the email to M. Earl who will pursue the matter.

No repairs have been carried out to the bridge but the need for these has been acknowledged in a separate correspondence.

  1. Allner has cut back vegetation at the top end of the bridge.

Kat is working on the 2nd phase for the Old Mill with a Feasibility Study starting in the next few weeks. This study will seek the views of local residents.

Sanding should have been carried out in September in the Breadalbane Park but this was not done. 

Road Repairs
The stretch of Ardeonaig Road from the Old Hall to Dall Farm has been completed but ditching is needed at Dall Brae. M. Earl to pursue this.

The A827 from the Golf Course to the boundary is scheduled for resurfacing but this has been postponed until March. Craignavie Road has been done.

The Community Council will confirm with Jim McGregor that signage improvements, double yellow lines at the Smiddy, the repainting of white lines and cutting back of all vegetation is included in the project proposals for the Dochart Bridge mentioned above.

Lamp Posts
The Community Council will contact Nicole Paterson at Stirling Council regarding Christmas lights for the lamp posts. A copy of the correspondence will be sent to M. Earl.

Invasive Species
A team did come out to spray but as it was the wrong time of year, they left without completing the job. M. Earl to contact Gordon McLaughlin, Stirling Council.

Litter bins
Signs have been put on the fence beside the area where the bin next to the railway line was. These state that a bin is available at the toilets.

The cutbacks and central booking continue to lead to problems for people trying to access the service. M. Earl advised that people make a booking and then amend it if necessary. He also advised the Community Council to encourage people to record their views about DRT. Stirling Council is running a survey about this until the 18th of December 2015 .

The Killin Folk Festival
The public meeting was well supported and a Committee is now in place and the Festival is planned for June 2016.

There were no planning issues. C. Grant will contact Stuart Mearns, Head of Planning at LLTNP regarding receiving paper copies of planning applications and copy in M. Earl.


  • It was agreed that the Community Council will apply to the Community Grant Scheme for funding for a Lantern Workshop and Parade.
  • Public Partnership Forum, 18th of November at Stirling Community Hospital – a notice will be in the Paper Shop window.
  • Notification of the 50mph limit on Glen Ogle. It was commented that the signs were not visible enough on approaching the junction. M. Earl to pursue.
  • Community Health News
  • DRT survey
  • A Public Procession Licence for Environmental Action Killin on the 29th of November.
  • Proposal for a long distance walking route, the 3 Saints Way.


Closer Integration of the Primary Care Team
There will be a closer working relationship between the Paramedic Practitioners and the Killin Medical Practice.

Christmas tree and lights

  1. Farquharson will speak to A. Dowling about a tree; S. Inglis can assist in moving it. T. Frost will speak to Stitt Bros about erecting the tree and C. Grant will ask S. Forster about the lights.

5 Lochs
The next meeting is on the 19th of November

Community Conversation
This public meeting will be looking at the proposed Council budgets. Thursday 19th November in Lochearnhead Village Hall 7-9pm.


  1. Earl distributed information cards about this charity that can be called anonymously with information about a crime.

Scottish Water
Scottish Water have lowered the water pressure in the village from 6 bars to 3 bars. This has caused considerable problems for the laundry and may affect other businesses such as hotels. M. Earl will pass on concerns to B. Crawford.

City Development
An invitation has been received for a meeting on the 4th of December 2015

Stirling Council Community Engagement team
Suzanne Player’s post will not be replaced by Stirling Council. Theresa Elliot will be paid initially for 7 hours, rising to 14 per week and will provide liaison and a point of contact. It was noted that some objections has previously been raised about this but no response has been provided. It was also noted that the hours did not appear to have been advertised.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12th of January 2016, 19.30 at Killin Primary School

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