Killin Highland Games 2015 cancelled

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8 Jul
Updated 08/07/15 at 21:18
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Killin Highland Games, due to take place on Wednesday, 5th August 2015, has been cancelled due to very soft ground in Breadalbane Park.

A committee member said the games would not go ahead this year after checking the state of the park ground. Vehicles would not be safe to drive within the park and pedestrians could be left standing in mud, especially after recent upgrade work took place. It could also risk damaging the upgrade work that has been already completed.

Upgrade work to the Breadalbane Park, organised by Killin and Ardeonaig Trust, was significantly delayed past the original start date. The work was due to be completed well in advance of any large scale events to allow time for the work to settle. The schedule was also hampered due to reported bad weather over the winter time.

A post to KAT’s Facebook page described the work set backs as unfortunate: “KAT are sorry that the Highland Games are not able to go ahead this year due to the ground not being settled enough for vehicles. It is really unfortunate that the park wasn’t started in September as we had hoped and then further delayed by the weather in January. We have had a pretty wet winter, spring and summer which hasn’t helped either.”

The games committee are already planning ahead, with Wednesday 3rd August 2016 being set for next year’s games.

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