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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council. Minutes of meeting, Tuesday 8th May 2007 in the Lesser McLaren Hall.

Present: F Kennedy, P Farquharson, H Sinclair, C Grant, K Riddell, D Allan, A Dowling, G Bickerton, S Christie, A Hewitt.

In Attendance: Owen Mckee (National Park), Marion Mccahon (National Park). Suzanne Player, Cllr Ffinch.

Apologies: Darren Webster, Tim Frost, Colin Scott

Congratulations to Cllr Ffinch on being re-elected

Minutes of Last Meeting
Approved: Prop C Grant 2nd A Dowling.

Matters Arising

Zebra Crossing
David Cameron Director of Education was found to be parked on the crossing while waiting to pick up a teacher Cllr Ffinch is to write a letter on this and to ask for parking space to be made for Kingshouse Travel to drop off and pick up School children

Suzanne Player still enquiring about the sign

Community futures
Killin Community Action Plan letter to Director Of Enviromental Services about a few points ie; village officer, grass cutting, dog waste, litter and Ardeonaig road. No response received to date. Grass at Ballechroisk is Rural Housing Cllr Ffinch to talk to Rural Housing about gettting it cut.

Conservation Area Meeting to be held in Killin on 16th may at 1pm C Grant F Kennedy attending

EAK are planning a sustainable event on 22nd Sept in McLaren Hall to raise awareness of many of the issues raised in the Killin Action Plan.

Improving and Developing Facilities and Services Meeting 21st May.

National Park meeting on 17th May 2007 in McLaren Hall to discuss possibility of a Breadalbane arts event.

Old Flax Mill to erect a dwelling house and 3 holiday cottages. No comments.

Training survey posters to be distributed by Community Council members.

C Taylor houses at the Golf Course no further information but we will be kept up to date.

Community Service by Offenders
If this facility is used to clean up an area a charge of 40 pounds will be charged per van load of litter.

Comminity Conference sat 16th june 2007 chance to meet newly elected members of Stirling council.

Smaller towns and villages National Park transport strategy meeting Wed 23rd May 2007 Council Chambers Old Viewforth Stirling.

Craignavie Road footway phase 2 Community Council are not happy with it and how much did it cost money could have put to better use.

Stirling standards for community engagement to help Community Council members to communicate with their community and how to deal with agencies and their standards. Suzanne to set up a meeting for all members.


Scottish Ambulance Service had a meeting on 23rd april 2007. 14 people attended including 5 Community Council members. The Ambulance service said that there had been no loss of service in this area and that Killin always had a paramedic on call, either in an ambulance or a rapid response vehicle. The Ambulance service refused to give present manning levels and future manning levels. They say there is no problem with the service at present and that a back up ambulance can be in Killin from Callander in 21 mins the simply would not listen. A letter is to be written to the chairperson of the ambulance board in the hope of obtaining some information. A Dowling to attend to.

There is still flodding at the rear of the bank house. Permission was given to rural housing on the condition that they would fix the drains if the flooding continued past minutes to be retrieved to confirm this. P Farquharson to attend to.

Ardeonaig Road
Les Goodfellow head of technical services has said there is no money to fix road Silvia Jackson was to assist with this problem we hope that Fergus Woods will continue with our plight. C Grant to keep attending to.

Drain at Mansefield is a danger to be reported to the police F Kennedy to attend to.

Dog litter bins to be emptied more often in Ballechroisk call to be made. F Kennedy to attend to.

Dog warden to be called for F Kennedy to attend to.

Ground at the old mart is an eyesore Cllr Ffinch to attend to.

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 10th July 2007 in lesser McLaren Hall at 7.30pm

The Chairperson thanked everybody for attending and wished them a safe journey home.

(Please note these minutes are posted unedited. All enquiries should be made to the Community Council Secretary.)

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