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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council. Minutes of meeting, Tuesday 9th January 2007 in Killin Primary School.
Present: F Kennedy, T Frost, P Farquharson, H Sinclair, C Grant, K Riddell, D Allan, A Dowling, G Bickerton, D Webster, S Christie, A Hewitt.

In Attendance: Councillor t Ffinch. O McKee (National Park), David Brown (Stirling Council), Darren Ryan (Stirling Council), Mike Dean (Scottish City Link).

Apologies: Suzanne Player.

Old Station Car Park

David Brown was speaking on behalf of Stirling Council about the proposal to create a turning point for tour coaches and city link service buses as the buses are reluctant to come to Killin because there is no turning facility. This would not be good, as it would affect the tourist industry. Money is available from rural funding, the proposal also considers the upkeep of the facility.a sugestion was made to charge Transerve for parking vehicles however we should be aware that Transerve are a major employer in the Killin area and Killin needs them also. With proposed turning point more tour buses and service buses may come to Killin with a possible extension of service buses to Edinburgh and Ft William also to continue through the winter months. Car park toilets to be sited in new coach park area timescale on construction start is to be 2008 if all goes to plan.

Mike Dean (City link) also suggested traffic lights on the dochart bridge to make it easier for the buses. Most people were against this but suggested better and clearer signs also to clear away some bushes. Perth and Kinross DistrictCouncil prepared to tweek bus time tables to correspond with the Citylink buses.

Fiona thanked David Brown, Darren Ryan and Mike Dean.

Minutes of Last Meeting: Approved, Prop C.Grant 2nd K.Riddell.

Matters Arising:

Xmas Tree
Thanks to C Grant and D Allan for arranging the tree. Thank you letters to Mr Booth for donating the tree. Payment to stitt bros £50.00 for erection of tree. Payment to Forster & Sons £20.00 for tree lights. Donation to Church for electricity £30.00.

Thanks to C Grant for organising the event. Thanks to Community Council for funding & help.

Litter Campaign
Campaign to start in March.

School Transport
Bus has been upgraded no further action on Killin bus.

Community Futures
Action Plan draft out for comment by group by Friday 12th Jan. Action plan produced over next month. Funding is available to post finger signage to complement village walks.

Business Development Workshop
To be held in McLaren hall 28th Feb 2007 all businesses in the area who derive income from tourism are invited.


Community Hall lottery funding application if successful they hope to start project in Autumn 2008.

A proposed meeting with the roads department and the Ardeonaig residents to discuss the state of the Ardeonaig road C. Grant to attend to.


Public transport timetable in the paper shop & library

Planning meeting Callander 27th Jan 2007 C. Grant, A. Dowling & K. Riddell to attend.

National Park reception meeting 23rd Jan 2007 F. Kennedy & C. Grant to attend


Zebra crossing nobody stops even with flashing lights Can police make more of a presence? F. Kennedy to attend to.

Can we ask Ms Logan to speak to children and parents and a note in the Killin News to ask if parents would not stand in the vicinity of the zebra crossing when they are not intending to cross?

Too many cars parked illegally picking up children. Alan Hewitt asked if kids were no longer waterproof and could they not walk to school solving the parking and pickup problem.

It was proposed that give way lines be added on Stewart Rd and Fingal Rd. T. Frost to attend to.

It was also suggested give way lines at the start of station road to be re-done.

Cemetery Car Park

£2300.00 has been awarded to upgrade the car park from Stirling Council it has to be spent by 31/3/07 or money is lost. Stitt bros to upgrade car park at a cost of £2700.00. As time is short the go ahead was granted.

Rubbish many complaints about only bi-monthly litter pickup Clr Ffinch has complained but not much happening at the moment.

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 13th March 2007 in Killin Primary School 7.30pm.

The chairperson thanked everybody for attending.

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