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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday 9th May 2006.
J. MacPherson, Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter, Secretary, A. Noble, K. Riddell, H. Sinclair. R. Twigg, J. Stewart, K. Taylor, T. Frost and C. Grant.

In Attendance:
Cllr. Ffinch, S. Player, Rural Development Worker, O. McKee, National Park, Constable A. Fleming, Lesley Campbell, National Park, Colin Roxburgh, Small Town and Rural Development, and 4 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced L. Campbell and C. Roxburgh.

Community Action Plan
L. Campbell spoke about the Community Action Plan and thought that after 4 years it was time for Killin to have another look at the plan with the possibility of Killin being a ‘pilot’ community. S. Player said that with businesses and shops closing and all the new houses perhaps now was the right time to see where we were going. Mr. Roxburgh and the chairman had met to discuss Community Future Trusts. Mr. MacPherson thought we should push ahead to do things in the village and asked for ideas. There was a budget of £4,000 available for each community to pay for publishing. printing and to pay a volunteer worker. An application could be made to the Scottish Executive for funding for small awards. A lot of the original action plan has been achieved but it was perhaps time to update the plan as stakeholders may now have different views.. The local Care Home is an example of an action plan. The National Park is keen on local priorities and although Ardeonaig and Glen Lochay are not in the National Park they are covered by Killin Community Council. The Community Development Trust might take more of a lead. The Community Council agreed to go ahead with the Action Plan and L. Campbell felt it should get under way as soon as possible. A Steering Group was set up consisting of F Kennedy, C. Grant, K. Taylor R. Twigg, Cllr. Ffinch, O. McKee, S. Laurence, P. Farquharson and D. Third agreeing to be in the group. K. Riddell would help with any distribution of literature. The steering group arranged to meet on Tuesday, 30th May at 7.30 pm in the Primary School where it was hoped that they would come up with some ideas.

The Chairman thanked L. Campbell and C. Roxburgh for their attendance.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by C. Grant and seconded by J. Stewart.

Matters Arising:

An application from David Fettes to change the use of the tea room at Station Cottages to additional living quarters to his house.


There would be no change in this area to the Community Council boundaries. J. MacPherson, P. Christie and J. Stewart would fill in the questionnaire.

Blairdrummond Against Market – Did not know enough about this to make comment.

Community Website Project:
As Killin already has a website, we felt it was unnecessary for us take part in this project.

Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park elections:
Anyone wishing to go on to the Board should have their nominations in by 24th May 2006. Nomination forms were available from the Scottish Executive to propose someone who we thought had done something to stand up to Anti Social Behaviour. The chairman thanked J. Stewart for attending a meeting in Stirling on the subject of Anti Social behaviour.

Calor Gas Awards:
S. Player to look into this.

Community Partnership:
A meeting about Sport & Fitness will be held in Tyndrum Hall on Thursday, 18th May at 7.00 pm. It was hoped as many as possible would attend.

South Loch Tay Road:
Although patching had been done in Glen Lochay, there had been no more work done to the South Loch Tay road. The Community Council to write again regarding this outstanding complaint.

Litter Problem:
Community Services would be doing a litter pick up on the Lix Toll to Killin stretch of road. The Council would contact Mr. Alec. Stewart regarding the litter pick up on Loch Tay side. Hopefully this could become a monthly pick up service.

Grass Cutting:
Following a letter from a resident in Fingal Road, the Chairman contacted Stirling to ask if it was possible to continue cutting the grass in Fingal Road but was informed that it would only be done twice a year. A reply will be sent to the resident.

An acknowledgement was received from the Floral Association for our £30 donation.

Community Futures Update:
F. Kennedy stated that the National Park had a litter campaign started in other areas. It would do no harm for us to have wardens in this area even although Stirling Council Community Services would be doing a pick up. Training for the new directors was under way.

School Transport Update:
There seemed to be some confusion as to whether the new bus took any fare paying passengers. It was asked whether the Kingshouse mini bus could take the fare paying passengers and have the big bus solely for schoolchildren. Concern was also raised about the fares, as there appeared to be no through bus, or ticketing between this area and Stirling

Ambulance and Health Update:
Another meeting was held in March, but Mr. MacPherson felt that no progress was being made. Part of the Ambulance services problem seems to be shortage of staff. The petition to the Scottish Parliament is still on going and the chairman has received a further few complaints regarding the health service. It is felt that evening surgeries, even on occasional days may still be a possibilty


The 20 mph sign outside the Primary School should soon be in place.

Car Park:
It has been confirmed that money has been allocated for the provision of a bus and coach turning area on the waste ground opposite Stitt’s yard in Station Road

The Community Council is to write to Transerv regarding overnight parking of their vehicles in the Station Car Park.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40 pm

The next meeting will be held in the McLaren Hall on Tuesday 11th July 2006 at 7.00 pm.

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