Community Council notes November 2004

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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 9th November 2004 at 7.30 pm.

P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter, Secretary, A Noble, H Sinclair, K Riddell, R. Twigg, T. Frost, J. Stewart and K. Taylor.
J. MacPherson, Chairman.
In Attendance:
S.Player, Rural Development Worker, G. Skipper and O. McKee, National Park and seven members of the public.

In the absence of Mr. MacPherson, the vice-chairman, Mrs. P. Christie, took the chair.

Mrs. Christie introduced Mr. David Bright, Emergency Planning Adviser for Stirling Council who explained Emergency Management Procedures. Emergency Management is a corporate activity, originated after the Lockerbie Disaster. It has covered many emergencies in the area e.g. The Dunblane School Massacre, Foot and Mouth, Flooding and most recently in our own vicinity – Landslides. The Management is divided into three divisions – Information and Communication, Welfare and Works. They deal with impact, not the causes. Their recovery phase includes restoring essential services, housing and long term medical aid. In conclusion the Management would like to involve Communities as local information is helpful. Perhaps the Community Council could help in this. In an emergency such as school or road closures, information would be given through the BBC and ITV.

Mrs. Christie thanked Mr. Bright for his talk.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by John Stewart and seconded by Fiona Kennedy.

Matters arising from previous minutes: No reply from BT regarding removal of telephone boxes or from BEAR regarding the flooding and anti skid proposals on Glen Ogle. There was no further correspondence about the road markings at Stewart/Manse road. The rubbish problem in Glen Lochay has been sorted meantime as has the flooding at the Bank of Scotland and Bank House. The lighting through the Park is still ongoing. The Bus Stop in Dochart Road has been approved.

Planning applications have been received for the Ardeonaig Hall and for a new house in the joiner’s yard at Myrtle Grove for Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.

Suzanne Player spoke about a recent Area Network meeting when it was arranged that a shuttle bus would run from Tyndrum to enable people to get to Stirling early. Colin McMenamy and David Brown would attend our next Community Council meeting to discuss transport and behavioural issues on the School Buses. Any questions on these matters should be given to Secretary, Mrs. Hunter, before the next meeting.

The Treasurer has received the grant for the Christmas tree lights and Mr. Stewart to arrange for the tree to be obtained and erected.

Fireworks at Hogmanay: Mr. Shand is prepared to do it for another year and volunteers are willing to help. The Fire Service would also agree to be in attendance.

An insurance quote had been received for £680 and as the fireworks would cost over £1000 it was felt that at least £2000 would be required. Many hotels and businesses were prepared to help out.

Crieff Rotary had several pyrotechnics who hired themselves out for firework displays The Community Council members present were in agreement that, if possible, the display should go ahead. Charlie Grant was to make inquiries.

The City Link bus service to Fort William and Oban from Glasgow and Edinburgh has been withdrawn without any notification.

The wind farm proposed for the Ardeonaig area has been abandoned meantime. It is proposed that the Denny/Beauly wind farms will be up and running in 2008/9. Some members felt that wind farms were more acceptable than Nuclear Power Stations.

The Community Council all agreed that the Chairman should keep on at the Health service and the NHS to improve or maintain the ambulance service in this area.

Mrs. Christie closed the meeting at 8.15 pm.

The next meeting will be held in Killin Primary School on 11th January 2005.

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