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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 10th January, 2006 at 7.30 pm.
P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F/ Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter, Secretary, K. Riddell, A. Noble, C. Grant, J. Stewart, R. Twigg, K. Taylor & T. Frost.

J. MacPherson, Chairman and H. Sinclair

In Attendance:
Cllr.T. Ffinch. O. McKee, National Park, S. Player, Rural Development Worker and 6 members of the public.

In the absence of the Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman took the chair and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
These were approved by C. Grant and seconded by J. Stewart.

Matters Arising:
It was agreed that there was no need for another notice board in the village, but it was felt that a covering should be put on the board at the McLaren Hall as notices deteriorated quickly in wet and windy weather. Waste Skip Some names have been provided to Stirling Council of people who are abusing the skip. The skip had to close early on Saturday, 7th January, as it was full. The operator had not received any hassle from the public over this but one person had said that they would dump their waste in the river. The registration of their vehicle was taken and would be reported to Stirling Council.


A re-application from Mr. & Mrs. Woods, Fairview, Killin, regarding replacement windows had been received. The Community Council have written to the planning authority supporting Mr. & Mrs. Woods application. Mr. Woods felt that there was no communication between the committee members and the planners. Mr. McKee asked to be informed if people had problems with planning. S. Player reminded the Community Council about the Area Forum to be held in Killin on 16th February when Planning would be discussed. C. Grant and A. Noble should make a list of issues to debate at the meeting.

After one year the proposed Chip Shop and the planners were no further forward.

Six businesses were or are closing down in the village. Was this due to bad management or lack of custom. It was increasingly difficult for visitors to get a tea/coffee in the village at this time of the year.

Health Matters Update:
Ambulance situation is still ongoing. The Community Council agreed to write to the appropriate people supporting the proposal in the press that consideration was being given by the Scottish Parliament for plans to have doctors surgeries operating in the evenings.

School Bus Transport:
After discussion with the Rector of McLaren High School and First Bus, a new bus has been put on the Killin run. A further meeting is planned.

Christmas Tree/Hogmanay Update:
Letters of thanks to be sent to Mr. Grindley for supplying the tree, to Lix Toll for transporting it to the village, toStitt Bros. for erecting the tree, to M. Grant for supplying and fitting the lights and to the Episcopal Church for the supply of electricity. J. Stewart was thanked for the work he did with the tree. It had been proposed that lights fitted to the electric poles would be popular but the cost would be excessive. Would it be possible to buy second hand lights? Thanks were extended to C. Grant and all who made the Hogmanay Fireworks a success.


A letter from the Provost was read out regarding the £1,000 to ge given to each Community Council. Each area forum will get money to support their work. Could this money be used for easing the parking in Killin or would the three communities have to have a common purpose. Discussions would have to take place between Strathfillan, Killin and Balquhidder/Lochearnhead/Strathyre.

J. Stewart has agreed to go with J. MacPherson to the Stirling Assembly on 28th January.

A letter had been received asking for an update on the lighting in the Park and this had been replied to.

Litter clearing work is to be carried out by people doing community service. We were asked to advise of places in our area which would benefit from this. A letter naming the South Loch Tay road and east and west of Lix Toll has been sent to Stirling Council. Should free plastic bags be given out by shops and garages which sell take away food? The fact that there are so few litter bins is resulting in more rubbish in our countryside.

The 20 mph speed limit outside the school is in hand.

An anonymous letter was read out at the meeting regarding a road entrance, a new sign and advertising posters on light posts.


Mrs. F. Kennedy is now the director for litter for the National Park. The National Park and Stirling Council are doing a litter campaign for spring/summer.

The path through the Breadalbane Park gets very slippy in icy weather and it was proposed that a grit bin be sited in the Park. Cllr. Ffinch said that it was very difficult to get extra grit bins.

The road down to the new houses in Fingal Road was also proving hazardous in icy weather. Cllr. Ffinch would try to get something done about this matter.

A complaint was received from Killin Laundry regarding the all day parking of cars by the staff of the Nursery. It was very difficult for staff and customers of the Laundry to get to the Laundry because of these cars.

Rubbish had been dumped over the wall opposite Dochart Road by BT when Broadband was being installed, and now people seem to think this is a rubbish dump.

Potholes on the Glen Lochay road, Ardeonaig road, behind Bovain Farm and on the road to the doctors surgery were brought to the attention of the Community Council.

Siting of a new seat to be gifted by family of the late Duncan Clark was considered. On the roadside outside Rahoy was one suggestion and up the cycle path was another. If it is replacing a present seat, no planning permission is required.

P. Christie brought the meeting to a close at 8.25 pm

The next meeting will be in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 14th March 2006 at 7.30 pm.

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