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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School On Tuesday, 10th May 2005 at 7.30 pm.

J.MacPherson, Chairman, P.Christie, Vice-Chairman, F.Kennedy, Treasurer, M.Hunter. Secretary, R.Twigg, C.Grant, T.Frost, K.Riddell, K.Taylor, A.Noble and H.Sinclair.

J. Stewart

In Attendance:
Cllr. Ffinch, Suzanne Player, Rural Development Worker and 20 members of the public.

The chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved by C. Grant and seconded by F. Kennedy. There were no matters arising from these minutes.

Planning: An application has been received from Colin Taylor for the erection of two houses at Dunvegan, Killin. The Community Council had written expressing their concern regarding the size of the houses and the proposed entrance. It was now up to the National Park to make the decision.

Correspondence: F. Kennedy agreed to accompany J. MacPherson to the Public Participation Forum for Stirling’s Community Health Partnership in Stirling on 18th May.

An invitation to participate in the Trafalgar Weekend was passed to H. Sinclair.

The Calor Awards for 2005 was given to S. Player for her attention.

School Lane and Breadalbane Park: Mr. MacPherson had met with Council officials regarding the purchase, by a Mr. Hamilton, of feus from Breadalbane Trust. This involved the lane around the schoolhouse and the ground at the top of the Breadalbane Park. Although the feus for the whole Breadalbane Park had been bought by Mr. Hamilton, the Council have a 999 year lease on the Main Park. The chairman contacted Mr. Hamilton with a view to the Community buying the school lane and top piece of ground. He was told to get back in touch during the next fourteen days. Having approached several people to raise funds, Mr. MacPherson contacted Mr. Hamilton within seven days to be told that the deal had been completed with the occupants of the schoolhouse. According to the Council’s legal department there would be no difference to access. As the road had been used for over 20 years it is a right of way. The access to Fingal’s stone would not be affected. Mr. Ffinch was convinced that the lane was a right of way with vehicular access. He had been given 99% assurance that no development could take place on the land at the top of the Park. Any more business would be between the Council, National Park and the occupants of adjoining properties.

Community Partnerships:Each area in the National Park has two directors. The two from Breadalbane were John Riley and John MacPherson who have now both retired. The Chairman asked if anyone would be interested in the post but there were no volunteers.

City Link Bus: This bus will be running from Dundee to Oban this year. There were doubts as to whether it would come into Killin as they were experiencing difficulty in turning at the bottom of the village. There has been some discussion regarding development of the Station Car Park.

Skip and Compost Site: The new time for the opening of the Skip and Compost site is now 11 am to 3 pm and is under the supervision of Mr T Lambie. The Chairman reminded everyone of the responsible use of the skip, in particular to the rules laid down for what was acceptable to be placed in it. It was asked if it would be possible to get the skip opened one evening a week during the summer months, as these new hours were not suitable for working people. This suggestion would be put to Stirling Council for their consideration.

by Dr Gareth Davies to contact 999. At the time there was no one at the Ambulance station and the Surgery was closed as the doctors were having a training session. An off duty District Nurse did go to the patient but there was nothing that could be done. The Ambulance eventually arrived from the Perth area, and the doctor came from Aberfeldy. The family of the deceased wish it to be known that they thought the nurse was first class. The widow hoped that the Health Update The Chairman related the story of the tragedy which took place recently in the village when a gentleman visitor took ill one Thursday afternoon. The surgery was telephoned were they received a recorded message to telephone NHS 24, but they decided to follow the advice given in the Killin NewsCommunity Council would do all it could to make sure that this would never happen again. Legal advice was of the opinion that if it is in the public interest a Fatal Accident Inquiry could be requested. It was proposed and agreed unanimously that the Community Council should, through the Chairman and Secretary, call for an inquiry. This was proposed by C. Grant and seconded by T. Frost. It was felt that as we had put a petition to Parliament stating that the situation in this area was unsafe and a recipe for a tragedy this would help our cause. We may not get an inquiry but at least we have tried. The local MSP Sylvia Jackson was appalled by the situation. There is to be an internal inquiry as to where the ambulance and RRU vehicle were that day but the chairman is not convinced we will get the full story. Ambulances must have a record of their movement but after 10 days there is still no explanation. The bereaved family and friends expressed their thanks to the community for their support. The RRU had been called out to a Hotel in Tyndrum last night and the paramedic had been able to resuscitate the patient showing that the system does work. The question remains – Why were both Callander and Killin surgeries closed with no local doctors readily available? Surely one doctor could have been covering the area!!

The chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 8.20 pm

The next meeting is in the Lesser McLaren Hall on Tuesday, 12th July at 7.30pm.

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