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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Lesser McLaren Hall on Tuesday 12th September 2006 at 7.30pm.
J. MacPherson, Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter,Secretary, K.Riddell, H.Sinclair, C.Grant, J. Stewart and K. Taylor.

A. Noble, T. Frost and R. Twigg.

In Attendance:
Cllr. Ffinch, J. McNee, Travel Site Manager, Stirling Council, O.McKee, National Park, S. Player, Rural Development Worker, D. Noble, Loch Tay Assoc. and 6 Members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Mr. John McNee who has been 4 years as Travel Site Manager for Stirling Council. There had been problems in Killin at the time of the Killin Highland Games with travelling people using the public car park as a site. There is now a non- harassment policy and Mr. McNee must be seen to be fair. If there is illness, medical advice must be sought before an eviction notice can be served. After an eviction notice has been served, the travellers are given 72 hours to leave before lawyers take court action. There is no jurisdiction on private ground, but landowners can go to their own lawyers to get eviction notices. This can cost £3,000 to £6,000. Mr. McNee will try to get more ‘No Overnight Parking’ notices put up in the Station Car Park. More English and Irish travellers are coming to Scotland now. Criminal gangs are now going under the ‘umbrella’ of gypsies. There are 18 pitches for travelling people in Stirling of which only 10 are usually occupied. Anyone with problems concerning travelling people should contact Mr. McNee on his mobile phone – no. 07717545112.

Mr. MacPherson thanked Mr. McNee and introduced Mr. Noble who explained the reasoning behind the proposed Loch Tay Bye-Laws. Discussions have taken place regarding activities on the Loch spoiling the peacefulness of the area. A survey was carried out to find out if people wanted a bye-law on Loch Tay. A questionnaire was distributed and most people said they wanted a peaceful loch. A draft set of bye-laws has been created putting forward: 1) All boats over a certain size using engines must be registered with the Council and 2)Rules of navigation – normal navigation rules must be followed. A public meeting will be held shortly in Killin where local people will be invited to put forward their views. The question of sea-planes was brought up, but they are governed by the Aviation Authority. Boats with Loch Lomond registrations have been using the loch over the last two week-ends. Jet skis and water skis would be a problem over the months of June, July and August therefore it may be possible to patrol the loch during these months. A restriction on speed on the loch would perhaps discourage jet and water skiing. Loch Earn is the centre for these activities, but Mr. McKee said that jet skiing was not encouraged on this loch and he felt that bye-laws on Loch Earn would not be an advantage. As new bye-laws have to go through the Council then to the Scottish Executive it may be some time before they would come in to force.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Noble for his talk.

The Minutes of the last meeting were approved by C.Grant and seconded by P. Christie.

Matters Arising:

£3,000 had been received from the Scottish Executive for the Action Plan.

The Community grant of £1,000 had been given to the Falls of Dochart Retrirement Home.

Cllr. Ffinch said that there will be a review of grass-cutting arrangements and the Council is trying to get uniformity with the contractors.

The 20 mph speed limit at the school should be in place by next week.

Mr. Twigg met with the owners of Finlarig regarding ground for the extension of the Cemetery car park, but under no circumstances will they give this ground to the village.


There were no applications.


As Stirling City appears to receive most the £50,000 budget allocated for Christmas lighting it was felt that Strathfillan, Balquhidder and Killin Community Councils should write to the Council asking for help towards Christmas lighting in the rural areas. It was also agreed that the letter should inform the Council over the grass cutting policy in the rural areas, and the fact that some flower plots have not been planted out this year.

A letter had been received regarding proposed bus service changes and a reply had been sent.

A representative from Money Advice and Affordable Warmth Service would be willing to give a talk to the Community Council.

A letter was received from the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home thanking the Community Council for the donation of £1.000. This will be used for staff training.

The AGM of the Association of Scottish Community Councils will be held in Stirling on Saturday, 14th October. There was nobody interested in attending.

The Stirling Assembly is being held on Saturday 16th September and J. MacPherson and J. Stewart will attend.

The three yearly Community Council elections will take place in November. The present Community Councillors will remain members until mid-night on 2nd November.

S. Player had attended an environmental meeting with Stirling Council, National Park and Transerv. Mr. W. Angus is the local representative.

School Transport:

Members have met again. The Killin school bus now has seat belts and parents have received a letter informing them of this. As there is no representative north of Callander on the School Board a push is on to get someone from this area to join the McLaren High School Board. Anyone interested should contact Suzanne Player.


A. Clarke, Balquhidder Community Council, and J. MacPherson attended the Scottish Parliament last week when the petition came up again. Unfortunately Sylvia Jackson could not attend due to illness. The Committee decided that as responses had been received from the Ambulance Service, they would now close the Petition. A letter to confirm this decision is awaited.

Another meeting will be held next week but Mr. MacPherson thinks this may be the last.

C. Grant congratulated the Chairman for all the work he has done to try to improve the conditions in this area.

Any Other Competent Business:

Community Partnership have started their Litter Campaign. There will be a meeting in Drymen on 4th November to which all Community Councillors are invited.

Stirling Council Criminal Justice Services Department is willing to help communities with vandalism and litter problems.

Killin Angling Club has spent £700 – £1,000 of their own money on litter cleaning. On 24th September a squad from Stirling along with community service personnel will be cleaning the shoreline of Loch Tay from Ardeonaig to Killin Pier. Notices will be put up locally, if any member of the public would like to help in the clean up. The Criminal Justice Service hope to do a clean up once a week in winter and probably twice a week in summer. Certain problem areas are being closed off and some refuse bins are being re-instated.

Cllr. Ffinch is to inquire about street cleaning facilities in Killin.

There are 10 street lights out of order in Killin.

Community Futures:

There has been a good response to the questionnaire put to every household with a 40% return.

The Community Council will write to GPO telephones regarding a manhole outside 2/3 Dochart Road which is in need of repair.

Passengers wishing to travel on the City Link buses, even if they hold travel cards, are advised to book their seats, as priority is given to pre-booked passengers,

The Chairman thanked all those in the village who have brightened the streets with colourful floral displays.

Mr. MacPherson announced that he would not be standing for re-election due to ill health. He thanked all Community Council members, S. Player, Cllr. Ffinch and Owen McKee for all their assistance over the past years. He stated that he had an enjoyable and challenging number of yesrs as Chair of the Community Council, and thanked the wider community for their patience and forbearance during his time in office. He felt that he has had a good relationship with Stirling Council, and other agencies over the years.

Mr. McKee thanked Mr. MacPherson for leading Killin Community Council over the last number of years and asked for a hearty vote of thanks.

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

The next meeting will be in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 14th November 2006 at 7.30 pm.

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