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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Lesser McLaren Hall on Tuesday, 12th July 2005 at 7.30 pm.
J. MacPherson, Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, Mairi Hunter, Secretary, R. Twigg, J. Stewart, C. Grant, K. Riddell and H. Sinclair.

A. Noble, T. Frost and S. Player.

In attendance:
Cllr. Ffinch and 9 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved by C. Grant and seconded by F. Kennedy.

Matters Arising:

Skip and Compost Site:
Last Saturday, a couple arrived at the skip at 3.10 pm to find it closed. It had been closed early as the skip full. The couple were abusive to T. Lambie and threatened to leave their rubbish at the gates to the skip. On being told this was not acceptable, they then dumped the rubbish in the car park. Mr. Lambie took the registration number of the car and the matter was reported to the police. The couple are to be told to be at the skip next Saturday at 12 noon to put their rubbish into the skip or to take the consequences.

Health Update
The result of our petition to Parliament has been postponed until after the summer recess. It is understood that the lady concerned with the fatality reported at the last meeting has been interviewed by the Stirling Procurator Fiscal, a response to our request for a fatal accident inquiry is still awaited. The reason that there were no local doctors available is still under discussion.

A renewal application has been received from the Chip Van at the McLaren Hall. An application has been received for the erection of three houses at Mansefield. There will be a new access coming out in Stewart Road. No objections were raised to these applications.


The Scottish Executive White Paper for planning was passed to Mr. Grant.

A letter had been received showing the new 20 mph speed limits for Killin. The limit would be from the Dochart Bridge to the Episcopalian Church.

A consultation on Forestry Strategy is to be passed to T. Frost.

School Transport Update:
S. Player has written and queried a few matters regarding school transport, and the matter remains on the agenda for future attention

Ambulance and Health Service Update:
Meetings are still being held every 4/5 weeks. The Chairman gets a report every week on all local call outs, response times etc. Although no complaints had been received recently, things are still not right with NHS 24. J. MacPherson is still arguing about the surgery being shut, especially during training – there should be someone on call.


J. Stewart and H. Sinclair are to ask Mr. Sinclair to go ahead with the new notice board to replace the one that was blown down.

Cllr. Ffinch is to make enquiries with regard the sweeping of the roads also the painting of double yellow lines at Craiglea as residents were experiencing difficult getting on to the main road because of cars parking illegally. As Jake Green, the village officer, was off ill, Cllr. Ffinch was to find out if a replacement could be found as the bins on the posts were not being emptied often enough.

There was still no word about the removal of the telephone box at Lix Toll.

In answer to a question, it was stated that Local doctors are definitely not working Out of Hours. Tayside is getting a new call centre. It is felt that the South Queensferry centre is not satisfactory for this area. They do not have the geography of rural areas.

The Chairman assured the meeting that he and Cllr Ffinch were doing everything they possible could to get as good a service as possible for our area.

Station Car Park:
The Chairman asked the Community Council for their approval to try to get a grant to take over the ground opposite Stitt’s yard to make a larger car park with new toilets. The Council agreed that this should be pursued.

A complaint was received regarding caravans parking overnight in the Station Car Park. The police have been informed about this matter.

City Link bus was still having problems turning at the foot of the village. There was a discussion as to whether the bus left from the Post Office or the Capercaillie Restaurant. The chairman will check up on this matter.

Footpath in Breadalbane Park:
Stirling Council have given a grant to put lighting on the footpath from the main gate to Fingal Road. The owners of the piece of private land have verbally agreed to allow the cable to be laid on their ground. Written confirmation of this is expected from them soon, when it is hoped installation will take place. There are to be no lampposts on the private land. It was suggested that sign posts should be erected at each end of the path – one showing Fingal Road and the other showing the village.

Road Closures due to Fatal Accidents:
Why must the road be closed for what seems an unnecessary length of time? After an accident at Lochearnhead last night, the road was closed for 5 hours. At 8.55 pm drivers were still being diverted by Aberfeldy, when in fact the road re-opened just after 9 pm. Surely in 2005 there should be some way to improve the system. It was unanimously agreed that the Chairman should take action to try and see if the length of such closures could be reduced or eliminated.

Children have been playing on concrete slabs in Lyon Road. This was reported to the authorities in December but nothing had been done. However it was reported that the Health and Safety officers had been up about 6 weeks ago.

At the narrow bridge crossing the Golf Course Burn on the A827 there is a deep rut on the road. Any small car hitting this is liable to crash into the bridge.

Part of the bridge at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel has been cordoned off for some time now. When is work going to start to repair it?

The Community Council was thanked for getting a bus stop put up in Dochart Road.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40 pm.

The next meeting will be in Killin Primary School on 13th September 2005 at 7.30 pm.

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