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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Lesser McLaren Hall on Tuesday 13th July 2004 at 7.30pm.

J.MacPherson, Chairman, F.Kennedy, Treasurer, M.Hunter, Secretary, A.Noble ,H.Sinclair, C.Grant and J.Stewart.
Apologies: P.Christie, Vice-Chairman, K.Riddell, T.Frost, K.Taylor, R.Twigg and Cllr.Ffinch.

In Attendance:
W. Hamill, Stirling Council Community Services, S.Player, Rural Development Worker and 8 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Mr. Hamill from Stirling Council.

Complaints had been received from the School, the Nursery and the Green Team regarding the recent locking of the gate into Breadalbane Park, at the rear of the School. This gate which forms part of the boundary fence around the Park, and is widely believed to be the property of the Council, appears to have been locked without any authority. It was agreed that the locking of the gate appeared to be unlawful, and Mr Hamill was requested to take steps to have the gate unlocked as soon as possible. Mr. Hamill thought that through ‘custom and practice’ this road could be a right of way. He would be seeking legal advice about the locked gate, who actually owns the road, also the area at the front of the main gates leading into the Park. The yellow lines on the road in front of the Library appear to have been put down to tidy up the parking at this point.

The minutes of the meeting held on 11th May, 2004 were approved by C. Grant and seconded by J. Stewart.

It is understood that the Floral Association have taken out a private insurance for the hanging baskets etc throughout the village. .

Signs are now in place at Lix Toll showing the amenities that are available in Killin.

A letter is to be written asking if it is possible to get an official bus stop in Dochart Road.

Concern was expressed about the road to be used for the extraction of trees from the Craignavie Wood.

The ditch at the new houses is filled with boulders and garden rubbish, but Mr. MacPherson said that he had been in contact with the appropriate people to rectify this complaint.

Work on the repairs to the Dochart Bridge is expected to be underway shortly.

Breadalbane Community Trust:
The chairman explained that the purpose of setting up this trust would be in order to access funding on a wider scale for the use of the Breadalbane area of the National Park. The BCT would include Strathfillan, St. Fillans, Balquhidder, Lochearnhead and Killin. It was felt that the more communities involved the better chance we would have to get funds. It was unanimously agreed that this proposal should be supported.

Community Clusters:
This was a suggestion from Stirling Council to get clusters of communities to go together to put forward views etc. But the feeling here was that the area north of Callander would be included with Callander and our issues would be completely different from a town. This was only under consultation at present. It was agreed that on present information, we were not in favour of this proposal.

This had to be closed two Saturdays running due to overfilling. This could be due to people moving into the new houses in Fingal Wynd. Would it be possible to get a second skip purely for industrial waste ? It was asked if the garden compost site could be open at the same time as the skip as people were filling up the skip with branches and grass cuttings. The chairman reminded us that the compost site would be officially opened on Saturday, 17th July with people from Stirling Council waste department in the McLaren Hall to answer questions and give advice.

Coach House Hotel Car Park:
It was brought to our notice that this area was being used as a camping site at times. As there were no toilet facilities available after the Hotel closed the campers were using the river bank as toilets. No planning applications had been received. It appears that in some instances neighbours are not being advised of planning applications.

Letters received from the council about grants available:
Suzanne Player to look into this with Kay Riddell to see if funds could be there for the sports pavilion – also could landscaping be done where the houses in Ballechroisk were demolished ?

There were no nominations for the Provost’s Civic Award.

The keys for the electricity supply in the Breadalbane Park are held by John Stewart. A member from any organisation holding an event in the Park which requires electricity will, along with Mr. Stewart, read the meter at the start of any event and again at the end. The amount of electricity used by the organisers of any such event will be charged by the Community Council. The Community Council are responsible to the electricity company for all electricity used. All organisations making use of the electricity facility will therefore be required to reimburse the Community Council for all electricity costs incurred by such organisations.

It is hoped that the 20 mph speed limit will be put in place 2005/6, but we are still hopeful for an earlier date.

Applications for entertainment licences for Killin Highland Games, Killin Show and a Motorcycle Rally in October were approved.

Smoking in Public Places:
The Community Council supported the letter from Sylvia Jackson, MSP, regarding the banning of smoking in public places. The motion was proposed by J. Stewart and seconded by A. Noble.

It was brought to our attention that the street lights in Dochart Road were not working, this would be reported to the appropriate authority.

N.H.S. 24 At a recent meeting in the McLaren Hall regarding N.H.S. 24 there was a turnout of around 300 people. The feelings of Killin and the surrounding communities were clearly made known to the panel. Mr. MacPherson said that he had received an e-mail about the concerns raised. A sub-committee of J. MacPherson, P. Christie and J. Stewart to send a letter to the Health Board. Community Council members were advised to contact these people with any specific points which they felt should be considered for inclusion in the letter. A questionnaire will be put into the next edition of the Killin News. Discussions between Forth Valley Health Board, GPs, and adjacent Community councils are still going on. The present proposals are that Paramedics would take over from the GPs during out of hours.

There are many questions to be answered but there are a number of agencies to protect us.
If after various discussions with the parties concerned, and no progress having been made on the provision of out of hours health cover, it was unanimously agreed that consideration should be given to presenting a petition to the Scottish Parliament. We would expect support from adjoining Council areas if we had to go along this road.

The chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.50 pm.

The next meeting will take place on 14th September 2004 in Killin Primary School.

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