Community Council notes March 2012

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11 May
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Tuesday 13th Mar 2012 at 7.30pm in Killin Primary School

PRESENT :- F. Kennedy, G. Bickerton, C Grant, G.Farmer, T. Frost, G. Aitken.
IN ATTENDANCE :- D. Petrie (Minutes), O. McKee, S. Player, J Stewart, C. McLarty.


APOLOGIES :- A. Dowling, P. Farquarson, I. Frickleton, A. Fleming.

The meeting was opened, all were welcomed and apologies were passed.
Martin Earl introduced himself as the prospective Conservative candidate for the upcoming local elections and the chairman of Trossachs CC.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved by C Grant and seconded by T Frost.

Biomass Gordon and Anthony had attended a meeting regarding this and there is nothing definitive for what uses may arise from the project. A possibility is growing plants in poly tunnels using heat from the scheme. Malcolm Campbell may be asked about using fields. Gordon will keep informing of progress.
Roads It was opinion that the CC should keep at Stirling council about the state of the roads. On the Stirling council side the complaints procedure does not seem to be used properly and the consideration of population figures does not warrant repairs. The overriding factor is the lack of finance. It was felt that the CC had done all that could be done, and the Killin News should be informed as such. Martin Earl described what they had done at Trossachs regarding the marking of road defects and complaints logging with an aim to claims in the case of any damage to vehicles.
Play park A grant has been obtained for goalposts, but the decision has not been made about the suitability and safety of what is actually required. Alma Walker has funding for other aspects of the park when it is aptly ready.
Breadalbane Forum The Beadalbane Community Forum is still actively seeking a local team of workers to do maintenance tasks within the local areas.
Cemetery The bothy/mortuary is to be removed and given over to a memorial garden or as an extension to the present facility. Tim will write and ask about the plans for the existing stand pipe.
Signage to Pipeline On going
Kings House Buses On going
Turning Circle Kerbs are to be replaced but turning not widened. Angela from SC Car Parks had witnessed a speeding problem and considers slowing down methods more appropriate. Killin Floral Society will take over the plant beds when it is ok with SC.
Phone Box No further forward. BT policy is no doors.

The Community Action Plan has been completed and will be sent to CC members. A hard copy should be available in the library.
The ‘hard stand’ area is on-going.
KAT would still like the mill and assess they need £150 p.w. for running maintenance.
The Tourism Forum is looking at info signs for Killin. Fiona will indicate a suitable position for new tourist boarding at Monemore.

Planning has been passed to turn the Tighnabruaich hotel into four flats.
The old Costcutter site is still committed to work starting on the building project.

Tim outlined some correspondence. KAT are interested in taking on the lease of the Sports pavilion from the Sports and Leisure Club, with the OK from the Club. CC has no objections. There is a road race planned by Tay Fitness for 25th August 2012.

The ‘clean up’ reparation for the Youth Group, of the community bus booking, is not suitable due to numbers. It was decided to make a donation of £100 to the group.
The wolf statue has been recovered with the spine broken and deemed not suitable for the nursery. The nursery can fund repairs and will seek an OK from Gillian Ford.
SC is now laying down charges for day care and prices are now prohibitive to the point that there is no attendance on Thursdays. Tim will write to SC to express the CC distaste of this practice.
Snow shovels and Hi viz vests have been acquired and will be placed somewhere in the village.

The next meeting has been scheduled for the 8th May 2012

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