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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday 13th September 2005 at 7.30 pm.
J. MacPherson, Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter, Secretary, A. Noble, K. Riddell, R. Twigg and K. Taylor.

H. Sinclair, J. Stewart, T. Frost and C. Grant.

In Attendance:
Suzanne Player, Rural Development Worker, Cllr. Tony Ffinch Owen McKee, National Park and two members of the public.

The Chairman opened the meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by R. Twigg and seconded by P. Christie.

Matters arising from previous Minutes:
Health Update – The Fatal Accident Inquiry requested b the Community Council has, after investigation by the Crown Office been refused.

A decision is to be taken as to whether we need another Notice Board to replace the one which was situated at the entrance to the Breadalbane Park.

As the Main Street in Killin is due to be re-surfaced in October, new yellow lines will be put in place then.

Road Closures due to Accidents:
A meeting was held with BEAR, Scottish Executive and the Police. BEAR have put on a non skid surface south of Lix Toll and are going to look at blind spots on Glen Ogle. A Rapid Response Unit on route to take up duties in Killin, was not allowed through Glen Ogle, due to the road being closed, and had to make a detour via Crieff. The Health Board are supporting us on the length of time the roads are closed following accidents.

The bridge on the A827 at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel will be closed from 23rd October for extensive repairs. The recommended route is round by Comrie

An application had been received from Auchlyne Farm for the erection of a new shed. No objections were raised to this application.

We would not be nomination anyone for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service this year.
Owen McKee had written to inform us that he was Chair of the new Stirling Housing Association, who are at present in consultation with Stirling Council regarding Housing Stock Transfer. Anyone wishing more information on this subject should contact Mr McKee.
A letter was received from Kevin Findlater, Central Scotland Police, informing us of changes to Staff in the area.
A notice was sent to us in connection with the temporary closure to traffic on the south Loch Tay road. Work has commenced on the re-surfacing of this road.
There were no volunteers to attend a meeting in Callander on 28th September to discuss environmental issues in the Community.
New Bus timetables were given to K. Riddell to put into the Library.

School Transport Update:
A questionnaire has been drafted for drivers and pupils from Killin, Balquhidder and Strathfillan to complete. It is to be hoped that new headteachers will take issue over the lack of seat belts etc..

Ambulance & Health Service Update:
There was a half hour wait this morning following an accident on Glen Ogle as both the Ambulance and Paramedics were in Callander. It is understood that no Police were available locally either.
Meetings with the Health Service are still ongoing. A letter from the Public Petition committee was passed round. Ayr and Arran were trying to get a local doctor to be on call during the night. Mr. MacPherson is going back to the Scottish Parliament on 20th September 2005 to a meeting regarding health. As no full response has yet been received to our petition from the Scottish Ambulance Service. The matter is being further pursued by our MSP and our Chairman. The Parliamentary Petitions Committee are also seeking further information/
A complaint had been received from a visitor in Tyndrum who telephoned the Killin Surgery at 4.35 pm on a weekday who received a recordeed response to contact NHS24. Why was there no doctor on duty at that time? On phoning NHS 24 they were told that the NHS doctors do not start until 6 pm. There is a new brochure out from the Surgary. Are all doctors working from Monday – Friday? The community as a whole are losing confidence in the GP’s.
The Chairman stated that at yesterday’s meeting with Health Officials and others. David MacPherson, Forth Valley Health Board, expressed concern that there is a perception in the Community that local GPs are only available between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and agreed to clarify the situation
Also at the same meeting, Andrew Wemyss, Ambulance Manager, apologised for a recent incident when an Ambulance could not be alerted, due to it being in the wrong place, although the Stirling Observer, in an article stated that the Ambulance could not be alerted due to exceptionally high demand on the 999 service.
Response times have improved recently with no response being longer than 30 minutes. The Chairman stated that at two recent accidents the Ambulance had arrived with only one crew member, and had to wait until a second Ambulance arrived from Crieff. There were lots of unanswered questions about GP’s at yesterday’s meeting as no GP’s were present to clarify a number of issues.


Refuse Bins
A complaint was made about refuse bins only being collected once a fortnight especially in hot weather. Cllr. Ffinch said a group in the Council had been set up to deal with waste disposal. He suggested a letter be sent from the Community Council to Stirling Council. A complaint was also made regarding bins not being returned to where they were picked up. Some bins were being left on the wrong side of the road and some were left blocking driveways.

Car Park
The Council are to find out who owns the ground opposite Stitt’s yard with the view to making it into a car park. It was estimated that it would take £10,000 to clear the site and a total of around £70,000 – £100,000 to make a car park and roundabout suitable for buses turning. It was asked if the rumours about charging for parking were true but it was felt that it was too remote here to start parking charges at present. If a car park was made it would tidy up the wilderness which is there at the moment and encourage tourists to use the bottom end of the village. The chairman suggested that tentative moves be made, then if money became available we would be ready to go.

The Community Council agreed to a suggestion from the Chair, that the setting up of a Killin & Ardeonaig Trust be considered, in order to more easily take projects forward. Perhaps Colin Roxburgh would attend the next meeting to explain the pros and cons of such a Trust.

20 MPH Speed Limit:
This limit had originally been suggested from Ardeonaig road end to the Episcopal Church but the Police had objected to the length of the 20 mph limit. The new limit proposed, is from the Bank of Scotland to Craigbuie. The Community Council unanimously agreed with the new proposals, which also incorporate 20MPH flashing lights at school crossing times. It was asked to confirm that the lights would flash at lunchtime.

Fiona Kennedy, our treasurer, together with Allan Clarke, Balquhidder CC, are the new Community representatives for the Breadalbane area on the National Park Community Partnership.

Meetings are being held monthly to look at the Infra structure in the National Park.

Forth Valley and National Park are hoping to get funding. High on the agenda are Car Parks, Cemetery Car Park, Toilets and Signage to Killin.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30 pm

The next meeting will be in Killin Primary School on Tuesday 8th November 2005 at 7.30 pm.

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