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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 14th March, 2006, at 7.30 pm.
J. MacPherson, Chairman, P. Christie, Vice-Chairman, F. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. Hunter, Secretary, A. Noble, K. Riddell, R. Twigg. J. Stewart, T. Frost, K. Taylor and C. Grant.

H. Sinclair

In Attendance:
Cllr. T. Ffinch, S. Player, Rural Development Worker, Dr. E. Turner, Constable I. Donaldson and 5 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by J. Stewart and seconded by F. Kennedy

Matters Arising:

C. Grant informed the meeting that no letter had been sent by the Community Council to the Planners opposing the proposed Chip Shop.

The litter clearing work to be carried out by people doing Community Service is to go ahead.

The seat, gifted by the family of the late D. Clark, is to be sited at the pond at the foot of Fingal Road.

Notification of a planning application has been received regarding Pink Cottage requesting the use of the Barn for a Bed & Breakfast establishment. The CC had no comment to make on the application.


A letter from Dr, Inglis, Lawers, regarding litter on the shores around Loch Tay was read out. Perth & Kinross Council are said to be willing to assist with the clean up if Stirling Council would also give assistance. It was agreed that the CC write Stirling Council seeking support for this matter, which is very important to the area.

A letter regarding Timber extractions on the south side of Loch Tay and letters from the Council regarding new grass cutting arrangements and the mis-use of plastic in the brown rubbish bins were also read out.

The Breadalbane Area Community Planning Forum has been granted £29,800. A decision will have to be made shortly, as to whether it will be divided three ways (Strathyre, Balquhidder & Lochearnhead, Strathfillan and Killin) or whether it will be used in a project to cover the area as one. Some sort of plan should be formulated before August this year, and a meeting is being set up between the CCs concerned..

Sylvia Jackson MSP, has written to say that she is still in contact with BT regarding Broadband in remote areas.

A letter from Scottish Water was received giving their new rates for 2006/7.

The Community Council members were asked to study the Breadalbane Area Community Plan and forward any comments to Fiona McLeod.

The local community action plan should be reviewed in the next couple of months.

Correspondence regarding Review of Electoral Arrangements in the Stirling Area was acknowledged. They have been advised of the change of address of the local registrar.

A letter regarding Core Path Plan Consultation was passed to Dr, Turner.

Learning Group:
The Chairman then introduced Dr. Turner, who gave an insight into the Breadalbane Lifelong Learning Trust. The Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre Learning Group has joined with the Glen Dochart Adult Learning Group to create the new Trust. The drop in Café and Broadband at Tyndrum has proved very successful. Access to accredited courses is done through Clackmannan and Falkirk Colleges. The Virtual Learning Centre currently have three directors but are looking for a director for this area. They would have four meetings per year. The Virtual Learning Centre hopes to have a centre established in the McLaren Hall after Easter. Anyone interested should contact Dr Turner or a member of the CC.

Community Trust Update:
Mr. MacPherson asked if the Community Council were pleased to go ahead with then Trust. All were in agreement. The Community Council have received their £1,000 grant and it was suggested and agreed that this be used towards seting up the Trust with the help of Colin Roxburghe.

School Transport Update:
A meeting is to be held on Friday, 17th March, with Stirling Council. 1st Bus, Kingshouse Hotel, Moira Robinson, Alan Clarke and John Macpherson attending. It was the general opinion that it is unsatisfactory that one driver has to supervise 50 children on a bus with no seatbelts. Behaviour on the buses, including the Kingshouse bus has not improved. Would an adult supervisor on the bus help? As the bus is run as a service bus, the responsibility does not lie with the school. CCTV cameras might be another solution. Pupils who misbehave on the buses should have their passes withdrawn, making it the responsibility of the parents to get their children to school. The school should pick up bullying patterns and bullies should be called to account. The school must listen to and monitor complaints. A questionnaire should be put to drivers, pupils and parents. The new bus, which had been promised, was only used for a few days.

Breadalbane Health Service Update:
The Ambulance service is still refusing to show letters requested and the Petionion with the Scottish Parliament was again raised last month, when it was agreed that a further request be made to the Ambulance Service. Anyone with any concerns or comments about the NHS etc, should let Mr. MacPherson know about them, as at present he is the representative on the Stirling Community Health Partnership. Mr. MacPherson is still trying to push for some evening surgeries in the rural areas.


Complaints had been received about the lack of snow clearing in Lyon Road, at the doctors’ surgery and the new houses in Fingal Road. Cllr. Ffinch is to attend to this.

Sports Pavilion:
This is not taking in enough money to stay open. S. Player is working with them to try to get grants. The membership is alright but there is not enough income to support someone to man the Kiosk. Volunteering is a way that it could be made to work. Cllr. Ffinch said that the Stirling Active Trust would come in to being at the end of the month and it would eventually cover all sports activities in the area. It was felt that the sports pavilion needed to be open in the summer for visitors.

Through a member of the community a small town in Poland wanted consideration to be given to being twinned with Killin. It was agreed that this would would require further looking into.

It was pointed out that the state of the Ardeonaig road was a disgrace due to severe deterioration. The Chairman had taken people from Stirling Council down the road to show them the state of it. Cllr. Ffinch will try to establish when the Forestry work will be finished.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 9.00 pm

The next meeting, plus the AGM will be in Killin Primary School on Tuesday, 9th May 2006 at 7.30pm.

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