Community Council notes September 2004

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14 years ago Killin News

Killin Community Council meeting held in Killin Primary School on Tuesday 14th September 2004 at 7.30 pm.

J. MacPherson, Chairman, P.Christie, Vice-Chairman, F.Kennedy, Treasurer, M.Hunter, Secretary, A.Noble, H.Sinclair, K.Riddell, R.Twigg. T.Frost, C.Grant, K.Taylor and J.Stewart.


In Attendance:
S.Player, Rural Development Worker, G.Skipper, National Park and three members of of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2004 were approved by C. Grant and seconded by J. Stewart.

Matters arising from previous minutes:

The Dochart Bridge has now been repaired.

The overflowing problem at the skip has improved as the result of a larger skip being in place.

Coach House Hotel Car Park: No outcome.

NHS 24: Still ongoing. Local doctors are still doing out of hours.

Planning: Objections have been withdrawn for the erection of a house opposite Ardeonaig Hotel.

Correspondence: Two letters of thanks from families airlifted from the Glen Ogle landslides on 18th August were read and then passed to the Killin News for inclusion in their next issue. Copies of the next issue are to be sent to these families. Thanks were also expressed to all those in the Community for the manner in which they handled the emergency situation that arose as a result of the landslides. Special mention was made with regards to the McLaren Hall Committee, those who provided tea, soup, etc. and in particular to those who provided accommodation in their homes, plus all the other services who took part. The following people have asked that the Community Council pass on their thanks and appreciation to the community as a whole – Anne McGuire MP, Dr. Sylvia Jackson MSP and Keith Yates, Chief Executive Stirling Council.

A letter was read out regarding the Doune Wind Farm and Denny to Beauly Pylon Line. A response was sent back, but due to our lack of information regarding the matter, and the fact this was out with our Community area no further action was to be taken.

A letter is to be written to BT about the proposed removal of local telephone boxes. It was agreed that the box at Lix Toll junction should be removed but the one in Ardeonaig and the one at the entrance to the Breadalbane Park should be retained.

Nomination for Queen’s Award for Voluntary Work: It was proposed that we nominate the local Mountain Rescue Team for this award.

The Area Network meeting will be held in Lochearnhead on Monday, 29th September. This meeting is about transport and as many people as possible were asked to attend. The Stirling Assembly is on Saturday, 18th September – the topic being Water Services, Charging and Funding. Members voiced their disapproval at the proposed 25% reduction in water rates for single residents should be scrapped in favour of low income families. Customer Access: Several members attended the Meeting in Crianlarich on Monday, 13th September. It is hoped that Killin will retain its Registrar. The Chairman and Secretary to fill in the relevant questionnaire.

A questionnaire on Community Governance Strategy has also to be completed.

20 mph Speed Limit: Would it be possible to use solar powered speed advisory signs?

Visitors coming of the north end of the Dochart Bridge are sometimes unsure whether to turn left or right – could road markings or signs be put to show the main road turns right? Clearer signs for Craignavie Road and Monemore are also required.

The flooding at the top of Glen Ogle does not seem to have improved despite a new drain having been installed. There were also several road accidents on the road above Lix Toll last week. We will again ask about an anti skid surface being laid down.

It was suggested that some form of lighting should be put on the path through the Park to Fingal Wynd.

Give way signs or road markings should be put in place at the junction of Manse Road and Fingal Road due to the increased number of children and vehicles using this road, and the lack of pavements at the junction.

Rubbish left in black bin bags at the roadside, by fishermen etc., in Ardeonaig and Glen Lochay was still not being uplifted by the local authority. Tayside supply green bins and vehicles to uplift rubbish bags from remote areas – why can’t Stirling Council Who is responsible for removing the gravel left at the side of the Glen Lochay road near Boreland? This was left after the recent landslide on 18th August.

On the night of Saturday, 4th September, a ‘party’ seems to have taken place at the Loch at the head of Glen Ogle. Cars were seen using the Sustrans cycle track. Gavin Skipper is to make enquiries to find out if this party was with the land-owner’s permission., and what were the regulations, if any, regarding the use of the cycle way by motor vehicles.

During the recent heavy rainstorm, drains from the houses in Fingal Wynd were blocked and raw sewage was seen going through the school grounds. It appears that there was difficulty in getting any of the appropriate authorities to take action. Drains at the Bank of Scotland and Bank House were also blocked.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35 pm.

The next meeting will be in Killin Primary School on 9th November 2004 at 7.30pm.

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