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    I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada and am looking for information on my great-grandfather’s origins. His name was Alexander Campbell, he was a stonemason. One of his grandsons an Alexander from Yorkshire, told us Alexander the senior came from Killin. We know he was married in Boness, on 20th Feb, 1861 to Jane P. Terris. He moved to wherever the work was – like Indians following the buffalo.
    My grandfather, also Alexander, also a stonemason, was born in Glasgow, but settled in Edinburgh. After WWI he worked in Killin on the War Memorial by the river.
    So I’m wondering if anyone recognizes a connection to my great-grandfather?
    Do the current churches have old baptismal records for the period 1830-1840, or are there census records?
    We plan to be in Killin in the last week of October 2011; it would be good to have some more specific information on our connection to the town. Pease respond if you can.
    Sandy Campbell


    We duly visited the great little town of Killin last week, & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves walking all around the town, along the rivers – where the high water allowed – & even were taken up the slopes of Ben Lawers to look into Glen Lyon. We had heard back from British Ancestors researchers the week before, and their information was that my family came not from Killin, but as of 1784 were in Airdrie in Lanarkshire. So my question to this site was irrelevant after all. Nevertheless we are pleased we made the trip from London; it was well worth it.
    So long for now…
    Sandy Campbell

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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