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    Does anybody have information regarding this event or is anybody participating?

    Seems like quite a big thing starting up in the village. Nice to see something new going on.


    ,Alistair Ferguson

    we had a couple of young lads staying B&B with us two years ago who were participants, keen as mustard they were setting off in the early hours of the morning, several hours later they were a sorry sight having been amongst the few who completed it. The next morning they had to come down the stairs on their bums saying never again, but they were back the next year saying they had enjoyed it so much. Looking at what they had done I have nothing but admiration for their acievements but being a sad, fat old git I would not even contemplate it , not even in my young and fit days. I think personally that it ranks up their as one of the world’s hardest races and it certainly has a setting worthy of their efforts. I can see it growing in stature and certainly if the TV gets hold of it then the area will get a growing exposure to the rest of the world. If anyone is contemplating it some time in the future you really need to look at the web site and take all the advice you can get to be properly prepared, it is gruelling but what a setting


    If you looked at the Killin News (June 2007) you would have seen it announced (Page 27) and the appeal from ‘Herbies Angels’ aka Deidre MacLennan, Kate Forster and Sarah Heward-Wolsey. Unfortunately I don’t know how they got on. Does anyone know?:banassrid

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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