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    Does anyone know why Auchmore House was torn down in the 60’s? Seems strange that it was inhabited through the 50’s and was pulled down only twelve years later. Was there a fire?

    ,Iain Campbell

    Auchmore House was found to be full of dry rot and it was decided to knock it down, I think the Army used it as an exercise and blew it up! The stone was taken away and used for bottoming for roads in the area; an old Roadman told me the Auchlyne Road had stone from Auchmore House under it. Today this would never have been allowed to happen; it was a wonderful looking building… A large bungalow is now built on the site, I think it was built by the McNab’s, the late Alice McNab stayed in it. A tunnel from the courtyard to the house is the only thing left but sealed at both ends, I have seen some recent photos from inside the tunnel and it is still in remarkable condition in parts. The tunnel was used for the staff moving from the courtyard staff area to the “Big House” so they were not seen by the gentry in the house.


    Thanks Iain, for that. Shame really it didnt make it a few more years to be a listed building!

    ,O Patrick Williams

    Auchmore house was occupied by the families of the engineers from the Glen Lyon hydro scheme. It was divided into flats, our family had the top West flat. A grand place to start life. But, yes, it was demolished for dry rot as they did not know how to treat it back then.
    The tree, still standing, at the top of the circular drive was reputedly planted by Queen Victoria.
    We moved to the Cruachan scheme and lived in Fanans, the fishing and game lodge by Bridge of Awe.

    Does anyone have info on the prehistoric underground meat store, I think that it is in the woods to the West of the old Auchmore site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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