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    My brother and I lived in Killin in the 1950’s (with our parents Pat and Bob Angus snr.)
    When I was born we lived in Tirarthur Cottage on the hillside. Shortly afterwards moving to Loch Dochart Cottage and eventually on to Portnellan. We both went to Loch Dochart School when Miss MacIntyre was the teacher. This is my first visit back in over 45 years! Bob has returned more often but not recently. Very much looking forward to it, can’t wait to retrace my very early childhood.

    ,Janet McDonald

    I remember Bobby Angus in primary school in Killin. Probably primary 1/2 , Miss Johnson’s class. He had very blond hair. Maybe a year older than me, and in Grant’s class?
    Regards , Janet


    Hi Helen,
    My name is Davie Osler and I remember your brother very well. He was very friendly with my pal Tommy Bickerton who now lives in Adelaide Australia. I met your brother a few years back outside Fishers Hotel which you will probably remember as the Craigard Guest House run by Mrs Rodgers. Ask for me when you are in killin and we will have a crack together. Going by your age I would think you may have been in my sister Jane Osler’s class, is this correct?

    Hope to meet you on your visit


    ,Tom Bickerton

    .This Killin web site really is very good. I give it a viewing most weeks& have finaly decided to add my wee bit. It’s 38 years since I left Killin but it has always stayed in my heart, & always will. Reading some of the recent names in this gossip board bring back a lot of memories.Mitchell Watson, Bobby Angus, Janet & Grant McDonald, & my old pal Davie Osler to mame a few. Even living in Australia for all these years the Killin link has been with me all the time due to family & friends & my sister sends me the Killin News every 2 months. However, the main reason I am able to keep up with most things Scottish is because Rhoann Bickerton sends me The Sunday Post every week following on from my mother & Aunt Mima. I have never been without that paper in all the time I have been here, Amazing. I am sure I will be back to my roots one day, but for now I will wish you all good health. Cheers Tommy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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