Bringing handicapped dad to Killin – advice, please!

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    Hello all!
    What a wonderful website! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! I’m hoping that perhaps someone can help – I am in the beginning stages of planning a trip for my dad, who was diagnosed last year with a terminal, inoperable brain tumor. At the risk of sounding cliche, one of his last wishes is to travel to Scotland, so we are making it happen this September! He is a MacNab (technically a “McNab” :)), and so high on our list of must-sees is Inchbuie. My question has to do with the accessiblity of the burial ground. He is capable of navigating stairs with a lot of help, but once he gets to the bottom of the stairs, will need to go back into his wheelchair. How rough is the terrain? From the pictures, it appears as though there are paths we could push the chair along. Am I correct in this assumption? I just want to make sure he will be able to see the burial ground and get a good experience. There will be 4 adults who can assist with the chair – myself & my husband, & my brother & his wife – all very strong and getting very good at navigating the wheelchair!

    And as long as I am posting, is there anything else I should be including on our itinerary while we are in your particular area? We will have a week in Scotland, and are planning to rent a van, so will be free to travel at will.

    Any advice you can offer is much appreciated!

    Warm regards from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA –
    Bev McNab Rockow


    Hi Bev,
    The steps down from the Dochart Bridge are rather steep but manageable with four Adults helping.
    There are some surface tree roots and soft parts depending on the weather but again with care
    access can be achieved with out too much difficulty.
    It will depend on what time of year you intend visiting but I can offer help in unlocking the gate and
    information on Inchbuie. There are some other prominent McNab land points which are of interest to
    visitors but the most recent booklet by the present Chieftain explains everything.
    I had the pleasure of guiding another Clan member and his wife from Washington State a few years
    ago and drove them round some of the places associated with the clan.
    If you wish further assistance do keep in touch.



    She said she is coming in September, Alex, thats Fall to them I guess.


    That’s correct, we are planning to arrive in early September. We’re in the process of setting dates & booking tickets now, so I don’t have exact arrivals yet, but should know within the week which days we will be in your area. I so appreciate your offer of assistance, and would very much like to take you up on it! I didn’t realize the gate had to be unlocked, for starters, so that would be a big help! Why don’t I get in touch when I have more information about our arrival, and hopefully we can coordinate a time we can meet?

    Again, thanks so much for your reply and offer of assistance – I look forward to meeting you!


    Hi Bev, perhaps your biggest problem will be finding accommodation that can provide a ground floor bedroom with wheelchair access, I am afraid we don’t and I’m not aware of anyone that does The Killin hotel has a lift so that may be your best bet, check out the accommodation page on this site.


    Hi Bev, My husband has asked me to let you know that he is the keeper of Innis Bhuidhe Island. If you need access to the island he has a key and also he can get in touch with Mr James McNab of McNab the current cheiftain and he may be able to arrange for him to come along and meet your dad. I am sure that between Alex and my husband Neil they will make sure you dad has a safe and enjoyable visit. Keep intouch with us all.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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