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    ,Bev in USA

    I was in the middle of a post when the site locked up … I’m relisting the info and hope it isn’t a repeat.
    One line of my family comes from the Killin area. Their immigration to New York (state) USA is documented in a Livingston County, New York History book. The following is what I have learned about them. I would like to find some local records and/or contact descendents still in the Killin area:

    Duncan A Campbell (1743 Perthshire – 1795 buried at Killin, Perth.) his wife Janet McCallum (1746 – unknown date, buried at Killin)

    Catherine (1765 Perthshire – 1846 Caledonia, Livingston Co., New York) married Peter McVean
    John (Sept 1767 Perthshire – 1841 Caledonia, Livingston Co., New York) married Margaret Cameron
    Peter (1769 Perthsire – 1836 Caledonia, Livingston Co., New York) married Catherine Campbell

    John is my direct ancestor through his daughter Janet Campbell who married in 1817 at Caledonia, Livingston Co., New York to David Gibson (1796, New York state – 1875 Michigan). David’s father was born in Galloway/Dumfries, Scotland in 1755)

    Catherine, John and Peter, along with their wives and children, left the Killin area with a group in 1798 and settled in New York state. I don’t have any information on any siblings who might have remained in the Killin are but would like to connect with their descendents and find local documentation for my genealogical records. I have visited Killin twice – love the area! Any information/photos/connections would be appreciated

    ,Gary Hutchison

    Hello. Welcome to read my websites.

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    Very interesting on Chodzko – Oginski – Breguet – Konstantynowicz – Schaub – Gilliard – Duflon – Armand.

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