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    ,Alasdair McNaughton

    I have traced my family tree back to a Daniel McNaughton who – according to various censuses – was born in Killin. He was born sometime in the mid-1780s and moved to Stirling before 1812. His father may have been named John. I wonder if anyone has come across any information on Daniel in searching for their McNaughton ancestors. I would be grateful to hear any information people may have.

    ,Ruth V

    Hi Alisdair
    I am researching the same family! Daniel McNaughton is my 3 x gt grandfather, the son of John McNaughton and Janet nee McLaren of Killin. Daniel (sometimes recorded as Donald) married Margaret Fraser at St Ninians in 1811 and their children were all born/baptised at Alva, Stirlingshire. Their youngest child, my 2 x gt Grandfather John was born in 1826.
    I’ve got quite a lot of information on the family going forward from there, but have only just confimed the Killin connection so still have a lot of work to do on that line of the family.
    Hope to hear from you soon


    Greetin’s Ruth and Alasdair,
    I have sent a reply your message Ruth.
    On the OPR for Killin, Donald McNaughtan born 1784, Father John mother Janet McLaren.
    I have all the Killin records on file for MacNaught-McNaughton, and all other spellings in between.
    However, my death records for McNts are from the whole of Perthshire, not just Killin parish.
    Also have all Daniel, Duncan, John and Janet deaths for Scotland on file.
    If you want to get in touch at
    I will send all records that I have.


    Hi Again
    It has been a while since I have looked at my Killin records.
    I have the 1841-1901 census returns on file.
    Here is a piece of trivia for yer records
    In 1841 there were 61 McNts residing in the parish, including a Daniel aged 55
    1851 there were 53 mcnts (no Daniel)
    1861 —53

    I have no idea what this tells us, but there ye go.

    ,Ruth V

    Hi Davie
    All those statistics jsut show how much work I have to look forward to…
    Thanks for the info

    ,Alasdair McNaughton

    I think there is a good chance the two families are closely related. “My” Daniel married Janet Bennie around 1810-11. I presume his father was called John because his eldest son (or at least the eldest son I have found) was called John and was born in 1812. Unfortunately when Daniel died his death was recorded by his son-in-law who didn’t know the names of his father-in-law’s parents. I think a lot of McNaughtons must have moved to Stirlingshire en masse as there seems to have been none and then an awful lot. I wonder if a lot of brothers moved down as the same Christian names seem to keep cropping up amongst separate branches of McNaughton families.


    I’ve not been here for a while, but was interested to see this thread.

    My McNaughtons – so far as I’ve found them – go back to 1806 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire. They stick around the coal mines of Ayrshire for a good while, but later on, in the 1891 census, they turn up in Tillicoultry, still coalminers, and then in 1893, in Alloa, by which time they have changed to the railways as a source of occupation. Did they perhaps go there because they had relatives there?

    “My” oldest John McNaughton was married to Anne Stevenson on 1st March 1806, and their son John was born 18th July 1806, all in Muirkirk, Ayrshire. I haven’t been able to find John sen’s birth in Ayrshire. Perhaps I should have been looking in Stirlingshire! By the 1851 census, John sen was dead, and so his birthplace is not recorded. Anne’s was Ayrshire.

    Does this information tie into anyone else’s? Thanks

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