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    I live near Stirling

    I have an educational researcher from Cape Town coming to visit in June 2011

    She is trying to find out about Duncan McNaughtAn who allegedly was schoolmaster at the Morenish School from 1825 – 1837; he and his family were previously from Rosskeen in Ross and Cromarty

    I have managed to find this family in Rosskeen and Tain but nothing about them when they moved to Morenish – the Schoolmaster was under the auspices of the Society for the Propagation of Christianity

    Duncan McNaughtAn’s son John McNaughton went on to found the Wynberg School in Cape Town the city’s most famous school

    Duncan McNaughton died in 1850; I cannot find a record of his death but have found his will which says he was of Morenish, Killin; I cannot find them in the 1841 Census at Morenish

    Who is the best person to speak to locally ? who is the family history expert?

    Thanks for nay help you can give

    Alan Dowie


    that should read June 2012


    Hi Alan,
    I am currentlly out of the country so have no access to my books however there are a few pointers that may help you in your search. The book ‘In Famed Breadalbane’ by Rev WA (I think the initials are correct) Gillies is the best reference work for Loch Tayside local and family history or the actual Breadalbane Papers (New Register House, Edinburgh) which were extensively used by Gillies for his book.

    I would suspect that your Duncan MacNaughton was likely to be from Morenish originally (MacNaughton is a Loch Tayside name) and he would probably have lived and worked elsewhere returning to Morenish in later life to retire or help out in his locale. When I am home if you still need help let me know and I will look him up to see what I have got.



    Hi Sinebahn

    I will follow up that reference thank you

    For Morenish I am getting very mixed up with parishes – Killin, Kenmore now Breadlbane he he

    I have found a historical record for Morenish School

    I have also idenitfied one of his daughters who remained in Killin all her life – her name was Ann Baxter nee McNaughton who died aged 86 in 1895 registered at Killin

    I willg et in touch again when I have looked at these sources Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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