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    Thought it was time that we actually addressed some issues here that could appeal to a wider audience.
    I’ve been quietly involving myself in what is now my community. I wonder how many of you know about the wealth of concern and experience that exists trying to involve you all in looking after the place you love so much?
    I think you have a wonderful village and you still have the rudiments of a true community, but beware, if you don’t do anything it will not survive the inevitable and irrepresable trend to treat your village with the same contempt you treat your government.
    If you really think democracy is a good system then you don’t just need counting, you have to stand up as well. And standing up means being prepared to actually do something about what we have in common even if it means getting your feet wet.
    This site is a fantastic example of what a few people can do. The rest of us could do so much more!
    Environmental Action Killin is just one example, there are, and there can be, so many more, but we do need to choose to do it or suffer the consequences and become like so many other villages around us. Dead to all but commercial exploitation and property speculation.
    How do we do that…by joining in, supporting each other even when we don’t agree with each other.
    Like the saying…We may disagree with what others say, but we must also fight for the right to say it. Otherwise we are not the free democratic society that we claim we are.
    So I appeal to you all to make Killin a vibrant, responsive and thoughtful community and if all else fails don’t let the bastards get you down!


    A few of the locals who have lived here a while would actually say that Killin is an vibrant, responsive and thoughtful community, and has been for some time.

    And why do you rip this site in one post, and compliment it in the next?

    Is your soap box wobbly at 3 in the morning??

    A still p’d off Webmaster


    I did not ‘rip the site’ … see response to previous thread!
    As for Killin being a vibrant, responsive and thoughtful community you are a right a few of the locals would say it is. What I was suggesting is that we could try and turn the few into the many couldn’t we?

    dolan;493 wrote:
    I did not ‘rip the site’ …
    dolan;480 wrote:
    … The webcam is atrocious because it exists.

    See response to your previous response!

    IMHO your idea to involve more people should be welcomed, but to be honest I think that your view is possibly focused on one local activity, rather than looking across the board at the activities that locals do get up to. I don’t have a problem with getting more people involved, just your view about the current state of Killins locals.

    All you have to do is take a look through our Photo Gallery to get an idea of exactly how much we, locals, do when we’re not at work.

    Take John MacPherson for an example, or Bunty MacGregor, or Marion McRae and Elizabeth Woods, all ‘real’ locals who spend, and have spent, lots of their time making Killin more vibrant and responsive.

    Look at the Killin News team and how long the paper has been running and how far it has come since Sinclair Aitken, Allan Walker and the rest of the founding members of the team sat in Shutters one day with a dream.

    Look to the Heritage Society and listen to John Sinclair and Dr Mairi MacColl, ‘real’ locals, talk about the old days, old places, old faces and old times.

    I would shudder to think of the amount of money that Killin raises for all charities over the course of a year.

    I can’t see how you can sit at the keyboard and say only a few people think that Killin is a vibrant and responsive community.

    I think that you have it round back to front.

    Many more people think that Killin is a vibrant, responsive and thoughtful community than the amount of folk who don’t.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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