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    ,Jim McNabb

    I don’t know if anyone can help but I am running out of ideas. I live in Nelson NZ and our ancestors came from Scotland on an immigrant ship in 1842. Robert McNabb (The way we spell it) had joined the 75th Stirling Regiment in 1821 and served mainly in Ireland. There he married Ann Fitzgerald. WE believe they were Catholic. After the army they returned to Scotland and the last we can find is that they lived in Spittal St Stirling at the census time 1841.(Name spelt McNab and listed as a wollen loom operator). The childrens names tally with the Immigrant ship records which list him as a Limeburner. We have no bithdate for Robert although we beleive it would have been approx 1806. We don’t know where but assume it was in the Stirling/Trossachs area somewhere. Can anyone give me any clues where to look next???

    WE visited Killin earlier this year and loved the place.

    Regards, Jim McNabb


    His marriage or death certificate may give his parents names including his mothers maiden name – you could then do a search on the scotlandspeople website for his birth and their marriage ……
    The 1841 census record never gives an exact place of birth – just a county. If he was born in or around Killin, it would state in the 1841 census that he was born in Perthshire. If he was born in Stirlingshire, it would say that.
    If they followed the traditional naming scheme their first son will have Roberts fathers name and the firts daughter will be named after Ann’s mother. Knowing that MAY help you narrow down your options in searches etc….. good luck.

    ,Jim McNabb

    Thanks for your input. So far we do not have a date of birth or mothers maiden name hence the problem. The death was poorly recorded as he died out in the wilds of a new country. We are continuing to search and have been onto the tradition of names repeating.The census for 1841 has a symbol in the “where born” column which with the information you have provided looks like the letter “N” which would indicate he was not born in Stirling I assume. It gives no other clues. Thanks anyway. We will keep up the search.

    Jim McNabb

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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